Photographer Accuses Miguel Sano Of Assault

Tyler Owen
December 29, 2017

Bissen concluded her essay by identifying the athlete as Sano.

'Every time I have to hear about how great people think Miguel Sano is, I'm reminded of how bad he actually is and how he hurt me, ' wrote Betsy Bissen, whose Twitter bio lists her as a photographer for the blog in addition to a role with the minor league St. Paul Saints. "This is my story".

"Every day new stories come out". When will it end?

The Twins responded with their own statement: "Today the Minnesota Twins were made aware of allegations involving Miguel Sano at an offsite appearance during the 2015 season". Bissen wrote that Sano grabbed her wrist and took her to the Apple store following the signing.

"I'm so sorry about this".

After leaving the Apple store and heading toward the vehicle waiting for Sano and his agent, Sano decided he wanted to use the restroom. She said she did so because she "didn't want to cause a scene".

At the autograph event, Bissen wrote Sano began flirting with her but she did not reciprocate. Their auto was pulled around to a back hallway door.

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As Sano, his agent (who was then Rob Plummer) and Bissen's boss prepared for Sano to leave the mall, Bissen wrote that Sano asked where the nearest restroom was and Bissen pointed in its direction.

"Apparently I was too close, and the athlete took that as a signal that I wanted him to grab me and try to take me back thru that door", Bissen wrote.

Another person on Twitter also spoke out, supporting Bissen: "For anyone doubting her, she told me and other friends/family right after it happened". Bissen described a struggle with Sano, who was grasping her wrist, as he "leaned down and tried to kiss me, more than once. Instead, he hurt me and kept going". There, through a doorway near the restrooms, he tried to kiss her multiple times and continued to hold her, forcibly and painfully, by her wrist, in an effort to get her into the bathroom with him. "When I said no, it should have been the end of it".

"I was in a squatted position with my wrist throbbing". He finally gave up after a solid 10 [minutes] of fighting to pull me thru that door.

Bissen said she told people, including her family, at the time, but wasn't quite ready to share with the whole world until Thursday. She later said that trolls were "in full force" on her Instagram account. He should have respected that and stopped. She said "he thought he was entitled to take advantage of me against my will". "A married man, around 20 years older than me". Or that I want fame/money from this. 'I understand why you didn't, but I wish you would have come to me'.

This is not easy for me to share, but I feel I need to share it. I'm a NY native, filtering through the net for the next hit story.

I've been sent out of college, with honors and such, on the search for the American Dream.

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