Amidst frustration on Pakistan's inaction against terrorist groups, Trumps cancels Aid

Hannah Rogers
January 7, 2018

"This step that we have taken, suspending security aid to Pakistan, shows that we are dissatisfied with the actions and the continued linkages we see between the Pakistani security services and the Haqqani network". The officer also hinted on the lift of the suspension if Pakistan complies and takes strict action against the militant terrorists.

However, an Agence France Presse report on Friday quoted a "senior administration official" as saying that "approximately two billion worth of equipment and coalition support in play".

US President Donald Trump's decision to freeze aid to Pakistan could affect nearly two billion dollars' worth of assistance, a senior administration official said on Friday-substantially more than first thought.

After more than a decade of simmering USA anger at links between Islamabad and the Taliban and the Haqqani network-a Taliban affiliate-President Donald Trump is trying to draw a line in the sand. "They may say it's a surprise, but what is no surprise is that the President has expressed his concerns, Secretary Tillerson has expressed his concerns, as has Secretary Mattis, and I imagine many other government officials having those conversations with Pakistan", Nauert said.

In a very aggressive TV interview Pakistan's foreign minister Khawaja Asif accused United States of betrayal.

The CSF funds for 2017, as authorised by Congress, stand at $900 million. "I want to end all of it". I think you can assume that you know things that are in the U.S. national security, things that might be related to nuclear issues, end use monitoring of equipment.

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"Though the government of Pakistan has been considered America's ally in the fight on terrorism, Pakistan's behavior would suggest otherwise".

The US has "a number of tools in its toolkit" and can "take unilateral" steps. We prefer to cooperate with Pakistan.

The US, she said, will not be delivering military equipment or transferring security related funds to Pakistan unless it is required by law.

Interestingly, the United States official said that while public pronoucements have focussed on safe havens for thr Haqqani network and Taliban, conversations with Pakistan have also included "concerns about their nuclear program... the ability of anti-India groups like Lashkar-e Tayyiba and Jaish-e Mohammed to fundraise and operate; and Hafiz Saeed, the head of Lashkar-e Tayyiba, who was recently released from house arrest".

"The president has shown that he is willing to speak with clarity when he talks about Pakistan and our relationship", the official said.

Reacting to Trump move, Pakistan had earlier said, "We are engaged with the US Administration on the issue of security cooperation and await further details", reported Times Now.

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