Sweden rejects U.S. call for UNSC session over Iran riots

Hannah Rogers
January 7, 2018

Other members of the Security Council particularly Russia has shown different reactions to the U.S. demand to an extent that Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova while referring to the way the United States deal with protest gatherings in other parts of the world said perhaps the USA envoy to the United Nations (Nikki Haley) has some interesting things to say about suppression of popular protests in Ferguson and Wall Street.

The U.S. called Friday's meeting after giving moral support to the anti-government protesters in a week of demonstrations and counterdemonstrations.

But in the end, Moscow's envoy did not try to block the formal session from taking place.

In comments that echoed the President's, Ms Haley said the world should "applaud" the protesters' "courage", adding: "The Iranian regime is now on notice: The world will be watching what you do".

ReutersThe US has faced criticism for bringing the protests in Iran to the floor of the UN.

"The Iranian people are rising up in over 79 locations throughout the country", Haley told the council.

Up to 42,000 people took part in the protests, according to Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli, who has said the clerically overseen government exhibited "tolerance" toward the demonstrations.

"It will be telling if any country tries to deny the Security Council from even having this discussion, just as the Iranian regime tries to deny its own people the ability to have their voices heard".

'However worrying the events of the last few days in Iran may be, they do not constitute per se a threat to global peace and security'. "The people of Iran are crying out for freedom".

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"Despite the many attempts to distort what is really going on (in Iran), I am sure that our neighbor, our friend, will overcome its current difficulties", Ryabkov said.

Iran's Ambassador Gholamali Khoshroo slammed the meeting as a "farce" and a "waste of time" and said the council should instead focus on addressing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict or the war in Yemen.

The US has been vocal in its support of the demonstrators and offered harsh condemnation of the Iranian government, including a tweet from President Donald Trump that called the Iranian regime "brutal and corrupt".

"We will no longer let the generosity of the American people be taken advantage of or remain unchecked", Haley said in a. Haley said the USA had negotiated a $285 million reduction of the United Nations budget for 2018-2019 compared to the budget for 2016-2017.

For a new agenda item to be discussed at the Security Council, at least nine of the 15 council members must support holding the meeting.

"Iran's domestic affairs have nothing to do with the United Nations Security Council's role". But tens of thousands have also reportedly taken part in pro-government rallies in recent days.

Russian Federation and its allies would need nine votes from the Security Council's 15 members in order to nix the meeting, a feat which would seem unlikely.

"It is unfortunate that despite the resistance on the part of some of its members, this council has allowed itself to be abused by the current USA administration in holding a meeting on an issue that falls outside the scope of its mandate", said Khoshroo.

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