Israeli Prime Minister Warns Of Possible Conflict With Iran

Hannah Rogers
February 22, 2018

Israel and Syria have technically been at war since 1948, but signed a disengagement agreement in 1974. This could happen. But it will not happen if Iran's aggression continues to grow, and nowhere are Iran's belligerent ambitions clearer than in Syria. 'There are many differences between the two...

Yesterday's gesture comes scarcely a week after military escalation in Syria raised questions about Israel's mantle of military supremacy in the Middle East.

He also warned United States president Donald Trump during the interview that withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal would have affect the reputation of the U.S. as an worldwide partner.

Mr Netanyahu spoke out against an global nuclear deal with Iran, saying it has "unleashed a unsafe Iranian tiger in our region and beyond".

When asked about the future of the Iranian nuclear deal, he said that the main aim must be to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear arsenal and that if this were possible under the agreement, he was not opposed to it per se. Not just to Muslims far and wide.

In response, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Zarif called Netanyahu's display "cartoonish" and accused Israel of escalating the threat of direct military confrontation.

"Later today you will hear from Mr Zariff". Israel retaliated for the incursion by striking the Iranian base in Syria - Iran is one of the regime's main backers - from which the drone was operated.

Protesters hold up a heart-shaped sign at a demonstration during the Munich Security Conference in Munich
Protesters hold up a heart-shaped sign at a demonstration during the Munich Security Conference in Munich Credit MICHAELA REHLE REUTERS

"I'll say this, he lies eloquently", Netanyahu said. I brought it here so you can see for yourself.

The arrests came just days after police said there were grounds to indict Netanyahu for bribery, fraud and breach of public trust, in the biggest challenge yet to the right-wing premier's long tenure in power.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday warned that Israel could act against Iran.

Netanyahu also lauded the positive effect that Iranian aggression has had on uniting regional powers. He pulled out the alleged Iranian prop from behind the podium and held it up with one hand. In a paradoxical way, this may pave the way for a broader peace and ultimately also for a Palestinian-Israeli peace.

Under Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman, Saudi Arabia has reportedly been strengthening its ties with Israel and making progress towards normalizing relations in light of growing Iranian influence.

Addressing a cultural event in Tehran on Monday, Lieutenant Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Brigadier General Hossein Salami denounced the USA and Israeli ridiculous ideas for leveling accusations against Iran by showing debris in public meetings and venues. "But they use this and other fora to revive the hysteria on Iran's foreign policy and try to obscure its realities", the Iranian minister told the Munich summit, an annual conference attended by security experts and diplomats from Europe, the USA and other parts of the globe.

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