EA's next Battlefield game will reportedly be set during WWII

Greg Lawrence
March 2, 2018

Interestingly, some of this information was already leaked as far back as December 2017 when known leaker YouTuber TheAlmightyDaq (who revealed some correct info on Battlefield 1 previously) had already reported that Battlefield 2018 would indeed be set in WWII and that Bad Company 3 is still happening within a year's time after Battlefield V comes out.

If the next Battlefield game does take place during World War II, it will be the first time since 2009 that a main Battlefield entry has ventured to that particular time period (Battlefield 1943). Battlefield V will reportedly be an entirely original game, not a remake of previous WWII-set Battlefield titles, and will be officially announced soon. This led the studio to start with WWI knowing that it could always still go to WWII with the next game if Battlefield 1 didn't work out. It's also worth noting that this leak means that the rumoured Battlefield Bad Company 3, set in Vietnam is probably not happening.

How do we know all this?

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However, their sources say Battlefield 2 will be out this calendar year, which nearly definitely means late October or November.

This news comes on the heels of Call of Duty seeing success with Call of Duty: WWII a year ago, which was the best-selling installment in the franchise since Black Ops II released in 2012. Furthermore, Battlefield 1 was met with largely positive critical acclaim as both critics and fans remarked how the series' move to a more familiar style of Battlefield combat helped the franchise feel fresh once again following attempts to convert the series into a sci-fi shooter and a cops and robbers affair.

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