Uber Health Will Drive You To Doctor's Appointments

Randal Sanchez
March 2, 2018

Companies like Veyo are targeting Medicaid and Medicare patients and Circulation is offering a platform connecting ride-share services like Uber and Lyft for NEMT.

The cost of the rides will be covered by healthcare providers. Hospitals, doctors and other providers could be eager to pay for those rides if it means more on-time appointments and fewer no-shows - which translates into more revenue in their pockets. Reports have circulated that consumers have started to opt to hail Uber rides to doctor appointments or hospitals when they are feeling sick instead of paying the steep price for an ambulance.

Uber Health is available in two versions: as an online dashboard and as an API for software developers to integrate ride-hailing capabilities into their own health care tools. They will also be able to keep track of billing, reporting, and management using the dashboard.

Adams Clinical runs clinical trials for drug companies and started using Uber Health in the middle of previous year.

"Uber is already where the patient lives", he said.

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"Ultimately speaking, it's nice they want take use to appointments".

More than 100 healthcare organizations in the US, including hospitals, clinics, rehab centers, senior care facilities and physical therapy centers are already using Uber Health as a part of the beta program that began last summer. "From the technology layer on the back end, we have a completely separate database and a completely separate technology stack, so anything that could be considered protected health information, or any rider-level details, are completely partitioned away and are kept in fully HIPAA compliant databases to make sure we are honoring and respecting their privacy as much as we can".

A study from the University of Pennsylvania Health System earlier this month revealed that, on average, around 3.6 million Americans miss their medical appointments every year due to lack of efficient transportation. These missed appointments cost the healthcare industry $150 billion each year.

In a bid to make their new service as accessible as possible, Uber will be using text messages and optional voice calls to coordinate and schedule rides through the service rather than forcing individuals to use a dedicated app.

Uber Health is created to do that, by allowing clinics and other medical facilities to book rides on their clients' behalf, using a simple web dashboard where you input the client name, number and pick-up and top-off location, then select from Uber's range of ride hailing vehicle type options. "This service will provide reliable, comfortable transportation for patients".

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