Xi Grabs Power To Become Leader For Life

Hannah Rogers
March 4, 2018

Chinese Emperor stock - After the announcement that China would be ditching term limits for president, the Chinese stock market started buying up any stock with the term "emperor", according to the China Digital Times. Today, the National People's Congress will rubber-stamp the change.

Since then, all organs of the party have declared him as the topmost leader of the party setting aside the principle of collective party leadership that was followed in the last three decades. The god-king model is back. Since he came to power in 2012, Xi has laid the groundwork for extending his rule beyond the 10-year limit. Xi is among the millions of urban youths who were "sent down", forced to leave cities to work as laborers in the countryside under Mao's policies.

China's Commerce Ministry shot back late Friday, saying Trump's plan would "seriously damage multilateral trade mechanisms represented by the World Trade Organization and will surely have huge impact on normal worldwide trade order". The editorial said that a "life-long" Xi presidency will have positive as well as negative impact on the country. Upon becoming president, Xi altered the composition of the PSC, shrinking it from nine to seven, and broke with previous norms favouring balance on the committee to be instead strongly in favour of his clique. Efforts to improve ties between the sides soured in 2016, after Tsai Ing-wen, the leader of the pro-independence Democratic Progressive Party, was elected president. In his case that was 18 years.

"Deng Xiaoping's abolishment of lifetime tenure for the leadership and more institutionalized transitions in power are very much in question", Li said. Is it true that all they really fear is only that Xi might stay in office longer than Tony Blair did (ten years)? The two countries also issued a joint news statement.

China isn't exactly known for being a tolerant nation when it comes to politics.

That pace of growth can not continue no matter who is in power, but it is very important for the party's survival that the economy does continue to grow.

Now, thanks to Xi, there is division in China's ruling group.

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Mere personal ambition is one obvious possibility, but there is probably more to it than that. The implementation of these term limits is the ruling Communist Party's most significant political achievement, the result of painful lessons learned from the disastrous years under Mao's "leader for life" system.

Many expressed shock and disbelief at what they perceived to be a return to the Mao era, and the massive upheaval, violence and chaos of the Cultural Revolution 50 years ago that has barely faded from memory. The party's power has also expanded under Xi.

In public pronouncements and meetings with US delegations since 2013, China's ruling Communist Party has repeatedly pledged to allow free market competition to play a "decisive role" in China's economy as a guiding principle - something Liu reiterated this week in Washington.

But Disney can't control what the internet decides to take up as a revolutionary symbol.

He has chosen the latter course, and in terms of protecting himself it is probably the right choice. James Palmer, the author of the The Death of Mao, has said he thinks China will "pay a heavy price for its sharp regression into a full blown dictatorship". And that is precisely the problem.

Xi is no doubt reversing China's march towards openness and rule of law.

As a result of Deng's moves, many foreigners, including long-time regime critics like Andrew Nathan of Columbia University, thought the Communist Party was well on the path to institutionalizing itself, and this, of course, created optimism about the country's prospects. And, when the passage of time makes the mistakes obvious, you are obliged to defend them, although a successor could just drop them and move on. All positions are likely Xi approved and blessed off on.

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