Over 1000 children killed or wounded in Syria this year

Simon Moss
March 8, 2018

Meanwhile, the oppositional Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the Syrian forces captured the farms east of towns of Mesraba and Beit Sawa in tandem with a progress and clashes with the rebels in the vicinity of the Jisreen town in Eastern Ghouta.

Earlier in the day, Syria's official SANA news agency said buses have been waiting near the safe corridor to transport the people leaving Eastern Ghouta to a housing center set up by the government, but no civilians have so far managed to get out.

Islamic State fighters and other insurgent groups committed war crimes including deadly attacks on civilians and using them as human shields, the investigators said in their latest report covering six months through January 15.

The offensive has been backed by Russian Federation, the government's key military ally.

"We did not find any indication that the attack was meant to hit either civilians or a civilian building but that the USA forces had enough time and resources available, that they should have been able to take additional precautions that may have led to the air strike being called off or delayed", Pinheiro said.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan described the situation in the Eastern Ghouta as a tragedy and said, "We should concentrate all our efforts as two Muslim and large countries of the region, to put an end to this tragedy, with hand-in-hand joint efforts".

A Russian military cargo plane crashed near Moscow's Hmeimim military base in Syria on Tuesday, killing all 39 people on board, the Associated Press reported, citing Russia's defense ministry.

The United Nations estimates 400,000 people are trapped under a government siege in the area.

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In Hammuriyeh, air strikes were continuing to pummel the town on Tuesday.

UNITED NATIONS:United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has called on parties to the conflict in Syria to allow a humanitarian convoy to complete the delivery of supplies to Douma in eastern Ghouta planned for Thursday.

France says the U.N. Security Council will meet Wednesday to discuss the failure to implement its February 24 resolution demanding a cease-fire "without delay" in Syria.

Laerke said the team found a desperate situation for people who have endured months without access to humanitarian aid.

Turkey sent troops into the Afrin enclave on January 20 to drive out Syrian Kurdish fighters it considers to be terrorists.

Iyad Abdelaziz, a member of the Douma Local Council, said nine aid trucks had to leave the area after government shelling and airstrikes intensified in the evening.

Civilians have been fleeing frontline areas into Douma and hiding in cellars, with aid workers saying many children had told them they had not seen daylight in 20 days.

It came as it emerged that children inside eastern Ghouta are surviving on a single meal a day of boiled wheat mixed with sugar.

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