S Mode For Windows 10 Officially Confirmed By Microsoft

Greg Lawrence
March 8, 2018

Talk of Windows 10 "S Mode" has been floating about for a few weeks, but this was the first time that it has been acknowledged as a "mode", which will roll out next year. That would have involved doing away with Windows 10 S as a separate iteration of Windows and Microsoft has now confirmed that it's going to do just that.

The news that Windows 10 will get an "S Mode" isn't actually new, as this information leaked in a Neowin article last week, but today Belfiore made it official.

Word broke a month ago that Microsoft was planning to bake an "S Mode" into Windows 10.

Microsoft will be replacing the Windows 10 S with an "S Mode" for Windows 10 Home, Pro and Enterprise versions, however, the company didn't reveal when it will be releasing until now as Microsoft has revealed that Windows 10 S Mode will be coming in 2019. This brand new blueprint of things could also let Microsoft to push S Mode to larger mass, provided it should be achievable across most versions of Windows 10. Whatever the case, expect cheap laptops and even desktop PCs to start being advertised with "Windows 10 - 10S Mode" from next year.

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While Windows 10 S users can upgrade to any other version of Windows 10 but that would require them to pay some cash and only Win 10 Home upgrade is free.

Recent estimates have stated that Chrome OS accounts for about 60% of the USA education market in grades K-12.

Microsoft is touting that this platform will provide apps with low-latency processing by using local capabilities to deliver real-time results.

However, PCWorld senior editor Mark Hachman noted in a tweet yesterday that Futuresource's report did not specifically mention Windows 10 S. When it released Windows 10 S previous year, Microsoft said it had developed the OS based on feedback from students, teachers, and school administrators around the world. Chrome OS has also been expanded to higher-end devices, giving these same audiences the option to opt for more power with devices such as the Google Pixelbook.

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