Year-Old Toddler Accidentally Locks His Mom's Phone For 48 Years

Greg Lawrence
March 8, 2018

This incident occurred in Shanghai where a two-year-old boy locked his mum's iPhone by repeatedly entering the wrong passcode.

A cautionary tale for all parents with toddlers: Do not let your child play with your phone, or you might not be able to unlock it for years. She ended up getting it locked for 25 million minutes, in other words, 48 years.

A mother in Shanghai left her son to watch "educational videos" on her smartphone but returned to find it had been locked for 25 million minutes. The child proceeded to enter the wrong passcode over and over again, forcing the iPhone to increase the amount of time which had to pass before it could unfreeze.

While the report doesn't specify which iPhone was being used, it appears to be an iPhone 5; a handset that launched before the arrival of Apple's Touch ID and Face ID biometric security. For the eighth, it's 15 minutes, and for the ninth, it's 60 minutes. Which means you lose everything, but it is not as if you have any important data - your coldplay and U2 collection, your mother's phone number and er. that is it. If the person fails to unlock the iPhone for the 10th time, the iPhone will be disabled, and they will have to connect it to iTunes to unlock. The toddler did this by entering the wrong password too many times.

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The woman, who was only identified as Madam Lu, was reported as saying that she has waited for two months so far.

The Apple Store technician, Wei Chunlong, said that he's seen cases where the phone is locked up for 80 years.

A MUM claims she was locked out of her iPhone for an incredible 47 years. Unfortunately, the only way to remove the passcode is to "erase your device which deletes all of your data and settings", it says.

"I couldn't really wait for 47 years and tell my grandchild it was your father's mistake", she was quoted as saying.

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