Jessica Jones season 2 episode 3 review: Meet Dr. Leslie Hansen

Rosalie Gross
March 10, 2018

Ergo, "plus ca change", which means that the more Jessica changes, the more she remains the same. They also love big twists, especially when it comes to their Netflix shows. "I've killed, ergo, I'm a killer", she says glumly, adding, "I don't even know what "ergo" means". She has a shady boyfriend that even after Jessica's stamp of approval you can not bring yourself to trust; a terrible, abusive mother that you want to slap across the face and a awful past and secret of her own that hits a little too harsh in the current milieu of the Time's Up and #MeToo. Given that Jessica's moral compass doesn't exactly point north, what could she want the pair to do?

Just a day ahead of Jessica Jones season 2 dropping, Krysten Ritter says The Defenders are likely one and done... Again, this picks up after a few episodes - Trish may be heading down a path far more familiar to Jessica, one that the friends can conquer together. We see more of McTeer's unnamed character in action throughout the first five episodes, as she tears people and pianos limb from limb.

The character was a member of such World War II Marvel hero teams as the All-Winners Squad and the Liberty Legion, but he was never exactly Avengers material. However, Dr. Karl explains that Alisa would pose a threat to her daughter unless she learns how to get her dissociative disorder and abilities under control. Walker, having spent much of Season One wresting back her own agency from those who would strip it from her, continues on her journey to reclaim it in sometimes messy, sometimes violent ways. Of course, our titular hero is not feeling it, but in retrospect these moments foreshadow Trish's story in Jessica Jones Season 2. It's a bit too much, for Jessica and for the series. Rosenberg and her collaborators have crafted "Jessica Jones" in a way that transcends the superhero genre.

As #MeToo and #TimesUp gain momentum in and out of Hollywood, we're hearing more and more stories about women declaring their autonomy. The party ends after Cheng shows up to say he's going to file a complaint against Jessica. Even better, she refuses to apologize for it. She isn't a murderer.

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It's nearly like she's acting out like Jessica, but it's Jessica that's out doing some important fieldwork and at the Kozlov funeral learns that Will Simpson is still alive and he's the one who killed Kozlov.

Episode 6 of Jessica Jones is titled "Facetime", and it sees Jessica on the trail of the mysterious superpowered woman (played by Janet McTeer) who has been killing those looking into the dark history of IGH, the research company that gave Jessica her powers.

Thanks to the events of The Defenders, Jessica's NY now understands the prevalence of super-powered individuals among them. Another is coming to terms with what the evil Kilgrave did to her, as well as what she ultimately did to him, as Jessica reveals in this scene with her sister, played by Rachael Taylor, who is encouraging Jessica to face her past demons and memories.

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