PUBG 2018 roadmap confirms new 4x4km map and emote system

Greg Lawrence
March 11, 2018

Before Fortnite came around in October of past year, PUBG had risen to the top of the Battle Royale genre, having dethroned H1Z1: King of The Kill, but Fortnite has firmly cemented themselves as the top game in recent months. A console roadmap is also expected in the near future, expanding on the upcoming content and features for Xbox One.

Greene has also promised an overhaul of the parachuting system, improvements to unarmed combat, an expanded custom game system, new game modes, and an in-game friends list. Improving on the graphics, the art team is reportedly working on all around improvements to make the game more aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, the game studio plans to rework the shooter's replay system and possibly add a live spectator tool, which is intended for the commentators during a match. Our current model can be viewed as a vehicles body having a life bar that must be reduced before the driver can be damaged.

The firm says that it plans to provide a major content update every two months to the battle royale game, with the first launching in March. Each of these major updates will bring changes to specific systems and/or introduce new content.

"This year we want to involve our players in the ongoing development of PUBG even more than before, and to aid with this we plan to open an Experimental Test Server so we can get your valuable feedback on our feature/content development cycle sooner and for you to have a real impact on how our game changes and develops going forward", the official blog post stated.

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Some of these can be found in the new PUBG gallery below.

"It will offer a higher player density and shorter matches and we want to get it into your hands early this time around so we can use your input to make it a great experience for everyone". Basically, the game will still be a deathmatch between 100 players, each desperate to survive, but now that mass of players will be fighting it out in an arena about half the size of the default map: an small island with just 4 square kilometers of space. This small map will come to a new Experimental Test Server in April, but a second, standard-sized 8×8 map is also in development for a 2018 release, but is not yet ready to be shown. The first and most exciting new thing is confirmation of a new four-by-four KM island map, as well as another new eight-by-eight KM map.

The map is 8x8km and set in dense, urban areas of central America.

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