'American Idol' judges wowed by Ashburn singer Brandon Diaz

Rosalie Gross
March 16, 2018

So what's different? For one, the ABC version of "Idol" explodes on the screen in eye-popping Technicolor, thanks to the Disney palette and Perry, who never squanders an opportunity for glitter.

Thaddeus returned for Season 16 as a new man physically, mentally and emotionally after losing a substantial amount of weight. Michelle still got her golden ticket, though.

The new and improved American Idol focuses on talent and the judges seem to have a softer approach than previous years. Plus, it's only a matter of time until we see her own shoe collection front and center. He sounds a lot like Sheeran, but is he original? "You're everything I wanted and more".

His statement prompted the "I Kissed A Girl" singer to wave Glaze over for a smooch. But at least during the "Idol" audition rounds, the singer made it clear she was single and ready to mingle. They all rewarded him with three "yeses" for Hollywood. Jones was thrilled to get a golden ticket. Perry is clearly meant to be the focal point of the show, but as the premiere unfolded, Bryan and Richie became more of a presence in the audition room. Her first layover, however, is an obligatory segment with Ryan that plugs Macy's as this season's official fashion partner of the show. They actually put her through.

Next up was William Casanova, singing "A Song For You" by Donny Hathaway.

Things get back on track with Brandon Diaz, a 21-year-old from Virginia who warms hearts with both his falsetto and his relationship with his dad. That's why I found myself loving this audition. You should be there for yourself, not anyone else.

Perry is yet to make a statement concerning the backlash.

"If you ain't careful, you might win American Idol", Bryan said admiringly.

The Crown paid Matt Smith more than Claire Foy, the Queen
However, even if the pay gap is remedied in future seasons, it won't benefit Foy, whose work on the series is over. All roles have been re-cast for the forthcoming third series, with the Queen being portrayed by Olivia Coleman.

Mara Justine is not a reality competition newbie. Now we're at a montage of rejections. Some of the best on the internet, she says. She can definitely sing. To see how it all (literally) went down, watch the video above! True. You might end up as Lil Sweet on a Dr. Pepper commercial - sorry Justin.

"I am so happy you cut off that song when you did", Richie said to Perry. Although he managed to make it to the Hollywood. He ended up tipping the scales at 390 and decided to make a change after wanting to end his life. He has a great voice, but we already knew that since he got so far in 2010.

Trevor Holmes, 27, Thousand Oaks, California: A construction worker who's had a crush on Katy for years, he bowled the judges over as soon as he walked in: Luke immediately dubbed him a "dreamboat", while Katy said "You're so hot. are you engaged?" "Come here, Benjamin. Come here right now!" she directed. Bryan encouraged her to get rid of the guitar next time, but he was a fan.

During the two-day premiere, Perry repeatedly flirted with contestants - kissing one on the first night, throwing him off his game. His 68-year-old grandmother Honey, yes Honey, supports him.

After the nun's death, numerous star's fans and detractors took to social media to voice their displeasure at the ongoing legal battle.

Trevor also explained how it all went down between him and Katy.

Of course to close out the competition, we need a heartwrenching story. They complied, but Katy slipped and fell. At any rate, Mara turns out a surprisingly mature rendition of Rihanna's "Love on the Brain" that earns her a standing ovation and three yeses from the superstars seated before her. I like this guy's vibe and tone to his voice.

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