Rumor: Just Cause Devs Working on A New Battle Royale Game

Saul Franklin
March 20, 2018

And while there are many reasons for its success, there's little debate that making the game free-to-play was a genius move on the part of Epic Games.

The best thing to do when dropping in the mobile version of "Fortnite" is to go straight for Tilted Towers.

Without a doubt, one of the major draws to Epic Games' popular multiplayer sandbox survival title Fortnite Battle Royale comes from the studio's continual update of the game with new items, gameplay aspects, and modes.

If you do have an Android phone you can still sign-up for the mobile version but you may have a bit of a wait before you can play it. This is worth asking, as there millions upon millions of Android users out there that would make the game's player count soar even higher than it already is. We think that there's no reason mobile games can't be the same experiences you have on consoles or PC, so with Fortnite Battle Royale, what you get on other platforms is exactly what you get on the go.

Fortnite represents quite the journey for Epic, from its origin as a zombie wave shooter to a PUBG-inspired reinvention as Battle Royale contender.

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Because you're using an Epic account, all of your details and your friends list will be carried between platforms so that means you get to enjoy cross-progression too. The pros will stick with their PCs, of course, but this version is purely about opening Fortnite up to as many players as possible - and only a fool would bet against it succeeding.

As seen above, the basic controls include a virtual analogue stick on the left-hand side of the screen for walking and strafing. What kind of opportunities could you see it present for developers and the industry as a whole? These may take some getting used to but they appear to work well.

Fortnite iOS runs well, and it's also capable of being played over 4G.

There are a couple of nice accommodations made for mobile players to boot, and as someone with accessibility needs I found myself wishing these were available in the original game.

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