Google's Instant Games lets you try Android titles before you buy

Saul Franklin
March 21, 2018

While you try out the games, the app prompts you to download the game if you liked it and with a single tap, the game would be installed on your Android device. They've proved it to us, and we were really surprised how many developers were able to develop an Instant app in a relatively short period of time. Now the games selection is limited, featuring just a handful of games as the service is now in Beta mode for developers. As you're trialing a game, Google will display an "Install now!" button to install the full game on your Android device if you so choose. Till now, one had to rely on YouTube videos or stock footage from the Play Store listing to get an idea of what a game looked like. New tags like "New" or "Action" make it easier to find a particular type of game. Not only will they not autoplay, but the video ads will clearly be labeled as ads, so you'll know exactly what you're looking at.

These "instant apps" let you play a portion of the game before committing to a full download. There are some heavy hitters here, like Clash Royale, Words with Friends, and Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire. Set games will have a lightning bolt and "Play" icon underneath the title and then your game will load nearly instantly.

If you happen to like the game after playing the trial version, you can simply install the game by tapping the "Install Now" button on the top-left corner in the gameplay.

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Google Play Store comes with subtle UI changes: the preview function is new and is made mostly for swiping, you cant use your keyboard arrows.

The Instant Play is still in beta and according to Google, it will go public by this year-end.

The launch of iPhones and Android phones created a new economy - the app economy - where app developers create applications and services for smartphone users to leverage. Moreover, Google is also bundling gameplay videos and news related to the gaming title in question.

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