Is true about Donald Trump Jr. and Aubrey O'Day dating rumors

Greg Lawrence
March 21, 2018

Just a few days after his soon-to-be ex-wife Vanessa Trump filed for divorce, rumors spread that he cheated on her with Danity Kane's Aubrey O'Day when she appeared on Celebrity Apprentice.

"He gives her very little help and has been keeping her on a tight budget", a source close to the divorce told Page Six. According to one source, Don Jr. told Aubrey he was over his wife and he no longer loved her. Don would talk to Aubrey about how he was miserable in his marriage and how Vanessa was so controlling and paranoid about him leaving.

Williams wasted no time in asking the singer if she would have a date with Trump which O'Day replied "No" and went on to elaborate that Trump Jr. was "not her type". While Vanessa Trump, his wife, always seemed more low-key and ready to take a step back from the spotlight, the same can't be said for Don Jr.

After Vanessa learned of the affair, the parents of two remained married and went on to have three more children together: Tristan, Spencer and Chloe.

There's no shortage of gossipy theories floating around regarding the cause of Donald Trump Jr. and wife Vanessa Trump's impending split.

It's one of the greatest questions of our time (if "our time" consists of the last 48 hours): Who, exactly, is Aubrey O'Day?

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Us Weekly reported that Vanessa found out about the affair after she found emails between her husband and O'Day.

Don Jr. "pursued her". A source told Page Six that Trump Sr. also intervened when he heard about the relationship with O'Day, telling his son to "knock it off".

"I thought it was forever at the time, but maybe I was lying to myself", a man says on the track.

The tea is hot, and it's spilling all over Donald Trump Jr.'s life. O'Day and Trump Jr. were embroiled in a passionate affair where they were in constant communication.

She never elaborated on the meaning behind her mysterious tweet. Her name is likely familiar to those who follow the reality television world, but to many their first introduction to her was the bombshell report on Monday that she had an affair with Donald Trump Jr.

Trump Jr. did not respond to the accusations. According to numerous sources, the past Danity Kane music group member and Trump's relationship started by the end of 2011 and also carried on up until March 2012.

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