Amazon Echo Just Added Music, Radio And Podcasts To Alexa's Routines

Saul Franklin
April 7, 2018

Using the dinner example, you could say, "Alexa, announce that dinner is ready", and every Amazon Echo device in the home will simultaneously announce that dinner is ready.

Almost five months after Google introduced a feature that lets its Home speaker be used as an intercom, Amazon is adding the same functionality to Alexa. That is, you can speak into one Echo device and have the message broadcast to all the other ones on the same network.

If you hate going around every room of the house to alert the family that dinner is ready, Amazon is about to make your life a whole lot easier. The new mode reportedly replaces few of Alexa's spoken responses with simple beeps.

Amazon is releasing the new Announcements features to Echo users in the United States and Canda today, support for more regions will likely follow.

You can also trigger this action by saying: "Alexa, tell everyone..." or "Alexa, broadcast..."

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The newest feature is now available across all Echo devices in the United States and Canada.

Just in case Amazon didn't dominate the entry-level smart home enough, it seems it also has its eyes set on making Alexa-controlled lamps your lighting of choice in the home. You can have Alexa show your Cloud Cam feed on devices like a Fire tablet, Echo Show, or Fire TV as well. Which allowed users to use the Alexa voice assistant inside of the Amazon Music app.

Unfortunately, Brits won't be able to bark out those commands just yet.

Which is the Alexa Skill you find most useful?

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