Google Confirms It Runs On 100% Renewable Energy

Randal Sanchez
April 10, 2018

The company also announced that nine additional manufacturing partners have committed to power all of their Apple production with 100 percent clean energy, bringing the total number of supplier commitments to 23.

According to Apple's CEO Tim Cook, "We're committed to leaving the world better than we found it".

Global investment in renewable energy held steady over a year ago, with over $US200 billion invested. Twenty-five projects, including wind, solar, and biogas projects generate 626 megawatts of clean energy. On top of that Apple has 15 additional projects in the works, which will increase that number to 1.4 gigawatts - more than enough to power the Flux Capacitor that may or may not be in Apple's mythic auto. As of today, the company's officially adding retail stores, offices and co-located facilities to that list, covering 43 countries, including the US, China, UK and India.

San Francisco: Apple said Monday it had achieved a goal of "100 percent clean energy" for its facilities around the world.

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Mr Mahu stated that now, renewable energy contributed about one per cent to the national power generation mix, but the focus was to reach 10 per cent by 2030. DTE Energy will also be installing new solar energy capacity, but solar will play a relatively small role in the company's future efforts concerning clean power.

"Over the course of 2017, across the globe, for every kilowatt hour of electricity we consumed, we purchased a kilowatt hour of renewable energy from a wind or solar farm that was built specifically for Google", Urs Hölzle, Google's senior vice president of Technical Infrastructure said in a blog post.

While definitely a good thing, Engadget points out that this doesn't mean all of Apple's facilities are directly connected to renewable energy sources. "And in those regions where we can't yet buy renewables, we'll keep working on ways to help open the market". The suppliers that pledge to use more clean energy know they will have "a leg up" against competitors for Apple's business, Jackson said.

"The workshop is, therefore, to discuss power generation expansion and renewable energy integration, financing, as well as lessons learned from indigenous players in the solar energy sector".

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