Twitter Heats Up as Minimum Alcohol Price Law Enforced in Scotland

Randal Sanchez
May 2, 2018

The Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) appealed against it, saying the plan conflicted with European Union trade rules, something the Supreme Court disagreed with.

The law stipulates that a standard 700 ml 40 percent bottle of whisky cannot be sold for less than £14 ($19.12, about 1,200 rubles), a 750 ml 13 percent bottle of wine - for less than 4.88 pounds ($6.66, about 421 rubles) and two liters of 5 percent cider can only be sold for a minimum of 5 pounds ($6.83, about 431 rubles).

"Cheap alcohol is wrecking lives and livelihoods in England as well as Scotland".

It says MUP is one of the most effective policy measures available to reduce alcohol-related health harm, which costs the NHS around £3.5bn every year.

"Labour has made the case for a Social Responsibility Levy to claw back the windfall supermarkets could make from minimum unit pricing".

Health charities, including Cancer Research, have said increasing the price of alcohol will result in a drop in people suffering conditions such as liver damage, breast cancer and bowel cancer.

Experts tell us the price of alcohol, the availability of alcohol and the attractiveness of alcohol are all what influence on people's consumption. "We nevertheless accept that MUP will now be introduced in Scotland, and hope to see an objective assessment of its impact both on the harmful use of alcohol and on the ability of cheaper imports to compete in the Scottish market".

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The legislation has been criticised by small government campaigners who say that it will only serve as a levy on the poor and will not in itself solve Scotland's alcoholism problems. As with booze cruises to France, some will be doing it legally for their own consumption and others will be doing it to sell illegally in Scotland.

Retailers must now ensure a unit of alcohol is not priced below 50p, in a government bid to reduce the high number of alcohol-related deaths in the country each year.

"This will save lives and reduce crime", Alison Douglas, CEO of the alcoholism prevention group Alcohol Focus Scotland, said.

By targeting cheap alcohol, she said minimum pricing would discourage youngsters from drinking by making it less affordable.

"So they are probably drinking the cheap alcohol".

Wales and the Republic of Ireland are also looking to implement minimum pricing and the First Minister said she expected other countries to follow suit before long.

"We now look forward to seeing a broad and far-reaching alcohol strategy from the Scottish Government soon".

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