AG: Nearly 3M Pennsylvanians impacted by Facebook privacy breach

Saul Franklin
May 4, 2018

Allegations of the improper use of data for 87 million Facebook users by Cambridge Analytica, which was hired by President Donald Trump's 2016 USA election campaign, has hurt the shares of the world's biggest social network and prompted multiple official investigations in the United States and Europe.

It's not clear what percentage of Pennsylvanians who use Facebook were impacted because state investigators have yet to determine how many Facebook users there are in the state, according to information provided by Shapiro's office. Facebook was asked to list out the security architecture proposed to be created "so that data concerning Indians are not pilfered or manipulated again for extraneous purposes including to influence the elections".

The Federal Trade Commission in the US, meanwhile, also is investigating Facebook.

Embattled political consultancy firm Cambridge Analytica announced that it will cease most operations and file for bankruptcy amid growing legal and political scrutiny of its business practices and work for Mr Donald Trump's presidential campaign.

"As a result, it has been determined that it is no longer viable to continue operating the business, which left Cambridge Analytica with no realistic alternative to placing the company into administration", it added. The New York Times reported that officials from Cambridge Analytica and SCL have raised the possibility of using Emerdata as a rebranding of Cambridge Analytica by buying the latter's data and intellectual property. The latest notice by the government had also flagged the "cryptic and evasive" reply given by Cambridge Analytica to the first notice.

The decision was made less than two months after Cambridge Analytica and Facebook became embroiled in the scandal.

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Cambridge Analytica has denied wrongdoing, blaming the media for their closure.

SCL Elections, its parent, as well as Cambridge Analytica began insolvency proceedings in Britain, and said they would soon start bankruptcy proceedings in the United States. Media reports suggest that the firm could re-emerge under a new name.

"The investigations into their work are vital", Collins said.

Cambridge Analytica was born of as an American offshoot of London-based SCL Group, whose affiliates had worked in campaigns around the world, including Kenya, Nigeria and India.

Cambridge Analytica used this and other data - collected from data brokers and other sources - to fuel its Project Ripon, an effort to win Republican races that was named for the birthplace of the party, Ripon, Wisconsin.

The company was able to amass the database quickly with the help of an app that appeared to be a personality test. Earlier today, Facebook's Chief Privacy Officer Erin Egan announced that the company is planning to roll out a new tool that will allow users to see which websites and apps have gleaned information about them.

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