United Kingdom demands U.S. data from Cambridge Analytica in landmark privacy ruling

Saul Franklin
May 7, 2018

The Commissioner doesn't agree, and warned that failure to comply with the order "is a criminal offence, punishable in the courts by an unlimited fine".

"We are aware of recent media reports concerning Cambridge Analytica's future but whether or not the people behind the company decide to fold their operation, a continued refusal to engage with the ICO will potentially breach an Enforcement Notice and that then becomes a criminal matter", Elizabeth Denham, the information commissioner, said in a statement.

The case could set a precedent for the 240 million other US voters looking to get their data back under British data laws.

The leaked emails suggest that while Facebook had received an assurance from Cambridge Analytica that the raw data had been deleted in December 2015, it did not receive a confirmation that the data derivatives were also deleted until April 2017, three months after Donald Trump had already assumed office as the President of the United States. According to The Guardian, Cambridge Analytica said Carroll had no more rights "than a member of the Taliban sitting in a cave in the remotest corner of Afghanistan". "I hope that it will help the ongoing investigations in my country and yours, and other places like Canada".

'Prof Carroll was not satisfied that he had been given all of the personal data held about him, nor an adequate explanation of where it had been obtained from or how it would be used, and complained to the ICO, which subsequently wrote to the data controller in September 2017, sharing his concerns'.

Sajid Javid replaces Amber Rudd as British home secretary
Ms Rudd was forced from office after saying there were no targets for the removal of people deemed to be in the country illegally. Labour's finance spokesman John McDonnell said: "You can smell the undoubted odour of a government decomposing ".

Cambridge Antalytica's bankruptcy filing comes after the company admitted making mistakes over the misuse of data harvested from Facebook accounts.

Its managers have denied, however, using data harvested by Cambridge University psychologist Alexandr Kogan through a personality quiz on Facebook, in the 2016 U.S. election. Despite the Company's precarious financial condition, Cambridge Analytica intends to fully meet its obligations to its employees, including with respect to notice periods, severance terms, and redundancy entitlements.

Consultancy firm Cambridge Analytica has offices in London, New York, Washington, as well as Brazil and Malaysia.

But, Facebook has since revealed the number was actually as high as 87 million.

The professor had previously sought access to the data the firm had collected about him.

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