Google I/O 2018: Assistant to get six new voices, including John Legend's

Greg Lawrence
May 10, 2018

"Earlier this year we launched six ready-made Routines to help you get multiple things done with a single command". Don't forget to let us know in the comments if you can test out this new Assistant voices.

One slide she put up went as far as to suggest that voice search assistants will be the future of internet and as transformational as mobile has been.

We're not talking about making phone calls with your Google Home or using it as a speaker.

As an added feature, you can assign different Google Assistant voices to respond to different people.

Alexa has most of the same features, albeit more limited. Yes, "Holly" is the official name of Google Assistant's current default voice which was also the name of the tech giant company in a comedy series "Silicon Valley" which follows the misadventures of introverted computer programmers.

Google also just changed the Assistant so that you only have to use the trigger phrase (Hey Google) to begin a conversation.

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Until today we only had two different voices to choose from. But research has shown that both men and women prefer female voices to male voices in their voice activated assistants - which is one reason developers keep skewing the defaults to be female in the first place - so it's unlikely that making male voices available will lead to a huge shift overnight; not even Legend's.

At Google I/O 2018 yesterday, the company announced that there are six new voices coming to the Google Assistant, a welcome change from the male and female voices now available.

"Just because you have the option doesn't mean that people will necessarily choose it". Can you guess which one is the musician? "I want you to live the best life you can". Google's artificial intelligence is getting smarter by the day, and that's more apparent than ever with this latest feature.

Additionally Google's intelligent personal assistant, Google Assistant, will soon be available for select connected appliances worldwide, wherever Whirlpool Connected appliances are available for purchase. To get a hair appointment, and to make dinner reservations. Google's AI was calm, composed, friendly, and eventually finished the task.

Multiple ActionsA key part of having a natural conversation is being able to ask about many things at once.

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