Ten players in the 2018 NBA Draft who fit the Cavaliers

Tyler Owen
May 15, 2018

Nobody does what he is doing at his age, and nobody in the NBA is more familiar with him than new Phoenix Suns coach Igor Koskokov, who coached him to a EuroBasket championship last summer with Slovenia's national team.

In 1985, the first time an NBA Draft Lottery was held, the Knicks won and selected Patrick Ewing. When it comes to the Pistons pick, there is a 0.7 percent chance that the pick is number one and a 2.5 percent chance of landing in the top three. If two lottery teams are tied, they split the ping pong balls evenly, with any left over awarded to team winning the flip. Obviously, in that moment, a massive power shift in the Eastern Conference could be taking place, as the lucky team can either take an elite prospect or trade that pick for a veteran superstar. Of course you do. But for the Magic, a team that desperately needs a talent infusion, nabbing a top-three pick this year would be crucial. Never forget the job that Sam Hinkie did in Philadelphia. We've given you their draft year and the college for which they played. The others: Memphis Grizzlies, Dallas Mavericks, Atlanta Hawks, Orlando Magic, Chicago Bulls and New York Knicks. For everybody else, there is real hope that this could be a franchise-changing evening.

A lottery selection didn't look to be in the cards for the Knicks early in the season.

The odds aren't great for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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The NBA draft lottery is a ping pong drawing to determine which of the 14 teams that missed the playoffs will have the top three picks in the draft. Cleveland wouldn't trade the pick because that was their insurance policy if Lebron left or its part of the case they could make, 'hey, we could have a good young core to go forward with you if want to stay with us'.

One of these teams will get the Lakers' pick in this draft, which has a minuscule (1.1 percent) chance of being the No. 1 pick and a 2.9 percent chance of rising to the top three.

The Knicks' chances are slim to land the No. 1 overall pick at only 1.7 percent. If it's No. 2 or No. 3, it goes to Boston, while Philadelphia keeps it at No. 1. The Knicks are most likely to stick in the ninth spot, which is where they will be starting. Crazier stuff has happened, though, and adding another blue-chip prospect to either one of these teams seems nearly unfair.

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