Trump Breaks With G-7 to Urge Russia Return, Jabs `Unfair Trade

Hannah Rogers
June 10, 2018

A French presidential source said Trump's proposal did not seem "coherent" in view of the latest economic sanctions imposed by the United States on Moscow.

"Various cities, which can be suitable for a meeting between the two presidents, are often considered".

Xi and Putin also vowed to make "all possible efforts" to preserve the 2015 worldwide accord on Iran's nuclear programme that Trump abandoned last month.

"However, there are no specific agreements, specific understandings or specific discussion at the moment".

"This is an indication of the special attention and respect on which our mutual national interests are based, the interests of our peoples and, of course, our personal friendship", Putin said.

Trump said as he departed the White House for the summit in Quebec.

"This has been an ongoing project of Ambassador Huntsman, stretching back months, of getting a formal meeting between Putin and Trump", the official told the Journal.

Ahead of the annual meeting of G7 leaders Trump said Russian Federation should be allowed back, a suggestion quickly rejected by Britain, France and Germany.

The President's suggestion to bring Russian Federation back into the G7, which represents more than 60 per cent of global net worth, was heavily criticized by most of the leaders and leading US politicians.

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Russian Federation was formerly a member of the group, then known as G-8, but was suspended after its annexation of Crimea in 2014.

In his interview to state-run CGTN, Putin described Xi as "approachable and sincere" and "a very dependable man to work with".

He said "on most fronts", the G7 was united in its efforts, including countering the aggressive stance of Russian Federation, securing denuclearisation on the Korean Peninsula and finding a way to end the long-running Syrian civil war.

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani, whose country is an observer member, also attended the meeting as he seeks Chinese and Russian support following the U.S. withdrawal from the nuclear deal with Tehran.

To Trump's suggestion that Russian Federation be welcomed back to the group, allies had mixed responses.

In today's postings, Trump says he is heading to Canada for G7 talks that will mostly centre on the longtime, unfair trade practices aimed at the United States.

The call threatens to further strain what was shaping up to be a tough summit for the G7, whose members have also been clashing with the Trump administration over a looming trade war.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that "Russia is focused on other formats apart from the G7".

Trump's deteriorating relationships with Trudeau and Macron - both of whom he has previously lavished with praise - come as the US finds itself increasingly isolated from key allies over Trump's isolationist policies, including his decisions to pull out of the Paris climate agreement and to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal.

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