Dominic Grieve: Rebels could ‘collapse government’

Hannah Rogers
June 18, 2018

Consequently, the Government has now changed its proposed amendment to the EU Withdrawal Bill again, so that, should MPs vote down a UK-EU Brexit deal, Theresa May announce before January 21st 2019 that no deal has been reached, or January 21st pass with no deal being struck, a Government minister will give a statement to Parliament which can be put to a "vote on neutral terms" - but with no opportunity to reject a "No Deal" exit and keep Britain in the EU.

TORY rebels could cause the government to collapse in a future vote on a "catastrophic" Brexit, ex-attorney general Dominic Grieve has said.

Who is Dominic Grieve?

Mr Grieve, who had talks on Thursday with ministers, said he could not understand why the change was made.

But Paul Johnson, director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies, said the government knows the United Kingdom will be worse off outside the EU.

The rebels, led by former minister Grieve, stepped back from defeating the government on Tuesday after they were privately told that a concession on a no-deal veto would be forthcoming. "And that, I can tell you, I am not prepared to do". They insist there will be "significant consequences" for Brussels if the Commission maintains its negotiating position.The source adds: "There will be very large operational capability gaps on day one, with no obvious ways of plugging them."We are at the heart of PRS, and the intelligence?"

Pro-EU Tories have warned they remain ready to rebel if their demands are not satisfied by the compromise amendment while leading Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg claimed their idea made a "no-deal Brexit" more likely. "That this House do now adjourn".

This includes a call for a more "meaningful vote" on the Brexit process for MPs.

Lee said he had had "conversations with ministers at all levels who are concerned about the direction of travel". I listened to their concerns and I undertook to consider their concerns.

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'It is unacceptable in my view, ' he told the Press Association.

Wring in The Daily Telegraph, Mr Lee also argued that other MPs should support Mr Grieve over Parliament having a meaningful vote.

May admitted the "Brexit dividend" would not be enough to generate all the extra health service funds.

May said the government has put forward an amendment that "balances this issue with the role of Parliament together with the need to ensure that we don't overturn the decision of the people".

What is Theresa May's response?

Theresa May and her government look set to be on another collision course this week after their Brexit plan was deemed unacceptable by some members of her party. They planned to vote against a government proposal, which they said did not offer them a "meaningful vote". "There is a debate about what those words mean".

But as time ticks by, she can no longer kick decisions down the road, increasingly under pressure from European Union negotiators to come up with detailed positions not only on customs, but also on the wider trade agreement and governance.

"It is time that we moved on and recognised that people voted to leave to take back important controls, particularly over our laws, our money and our trade".

The rebels are seeking both closer ties with the European Union on issues like trade and customs, and to ensure that the government does not follow through on its threat to leave the bloc without a deal if it does not like the terms on offer from Brussels.

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