Mexico elections underway amid disgust with corruption, violence

Randal Sanchez
July 4, 2018

Front-running candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador was one of the first lined up to vote at his polling place in Mexico City, and some of his supporters turned out early.

With almost three-quarters of the ballots counted, Lopez Obrador had about 53 per cent of the vote - the most for any presidential candidate since 1982, a time when the Institutional Revolutionary Party was in its 71-year domination of Mexican politics and ruling party victories were a given. Under AMLO, it seems nearly impossible that Mexico will permit the direct operations of USA law enforcement agencies in Mexican territory, or allow for the same type of intelligence and information sharing that had come to prevail under the previous PAN and PRI administrations.

Conservative-centrist Ricardo Anaya received up to 22.8 per cent, while Jose Antonio Meade from outgoing President Enrique Pena Nieto's Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) had up to 16.3 per cent.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has sent a tweet calling Lopez Obrador's presidential election victory "the triumph of truth over the lie". Lopez Obrador had been compared to Trump for his populist, nationalist rhetoric and sometimes touchy personality - as well as his past skepticism about the trade deal. "I wish I could have joined the crowds packed into the Zocalo last night in Mexico City to celebrate this historic moment", said Corbyn, using both English and Spanish, in a video posted on his official Facebook page. We have a border of more than 3,000 kilometres, more than 12 million Mexicans live in the United States.

President Trump says he is looking forward to a good relationship with Mexico's new president-elect.

Lopez Obrador has clashed with Mexico's business community, with some critics warning he would pursue Venezuela-style socialist policies that could wreck Latin America's second-largest economy.

According to Mexico's National Election Institute (INE), Lopez Obrador was leading polls with 53% of the vote.

Mexico recorded about 29,000 killings previous year, the highest annual number since modern records started being kept two decades ago.

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Olga Sanchez Cordero, a retired Supreme Court judge who was expected to be named interior secretary if Lopez Obrador wins, recently told Reforma newspaper that the amnesty would be a "pacification strategy" that would shield some low-level criminals who grow, use and transport narcotics.

Claudia Sheinbaum of the "Juntos haremos historia" coalition party, gives her thumb up after casting her vote during the general elections in Mexico City, on July 1, 2018.

"I see that the results [of the voting] are favorable for Lopez Obrador".

Lopez Obrador won a resounding victory in Sunday's presidential race. In his quest to please his support base, President Trump will surely still insist on building a wall, persisting in his claims that Mexico will pay for it.

US President Donald Trump congratulated Lopez Obrador, writing on Twitter that "there is much to be done that will benefit both the United States and Mexico!"

"We won't do the dirty work of any foreign government", AMLO said, referring to detentions of Central American migrants trying to reach the USA border.

Lopez Obrador has repeatedly promised just that, though some businesspeople have been skeptical.

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