President Trump calls Omarosa a ‘dog’ in angry early-morning tweet

Rosalie Gross
August 14, 2018

She proceeded to tell me the full name of the individual who played this second-hand tape for her, from whom the primary audio tape had originated, as well as the specific context of the President's usage of this term and to whom the derogatory term was allegedly directed. And while the White House is now dumping on her credibility - and in many cases they have solid ammunition - the reality is that she only got the tapes because she was in the room.

Political consultant Frank Luntz said Manigault Newman mentioned him as one of the sources of the racial slur claim-an attribution he denied.

Manigault-Newman did note that her source for the tape was "terrified" to come forward, and teased they could be holding onto to it for "politically motivated" reasons ahead of the midterm elections. Donald Trump presented the show, and Manigault Newman was one of the people competing on it.

And her assertion that she saw Trump eat a piece of paper from his desk in the Oval Office: "Well, the hunt for Trump's tax returns just got way grosser".

Trump officials and a number of outside critics denounced the recordings as a serious breach of ethics and security - and White House aides anxious about what else Manigault Newman may have captured in the West Wing.

The move is the first legal action the Trump campaign has taken since Manigault Newman published a tell-all book about her time as a Trump campaign adviser and senior White House official.

In a morning tweet, Trump praised his chief of staff, John Kelly, for firing Manigault Newman previous year.

Manigault Newman is in the midst of a promotional tour for her book, "Unhinged: An Insider's Account of the Trump White House".

Omarosa Has Undercut Her Credibility
Trump was responding to a question from the press pool about Manigault Newman's tell-all memoir that was announced this week. She later declined an offer to work on Trump's 2020 campaign and did not sign a confidentiality agreement.

"It's unbelievable that for two years these folks have been reaching out to me, and I guess I was in denial", Manigault-Newman added. The issues were related to her use of government vehicles and "money issues and other things", Kelly can be heard saying. "There is nothing more profitable than working for Donald Trump, okay?" said Chieng.

"If he - if his office calls again, anything they want, I'll share", she said.

She was sacked from office for allegedly treating the White House executive auto service "like a personal uber".

The fact that people keep writing books about the White House.

Aides are not supposed to bring personal electronic devices into the Situation Room, which in reality is a highly secure complex of conference rooms, and there are small lockers outside of the door where staffers place their phones. How he is not engaged in some of the most important decisions that impacts our country. That she could record a sensitive conversation with the president of the United States.

However the damage, if any, may have already been done to the President, Prof O'Connor said. The airstrikes were ordered to answer a chemical weapons attack in Syria. In it, Manigault Newman describes the recorded conversation as being a conference call held on October 11, 2016.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Friday said Omarosa Manigault's new memoir is "riddled with lies".

Manigault-Newman defended her integrity in Monday morning's interview, when Guthrie directly questioned why Manigault-Newman worked for Trump if she knew him to be a liar. "She's certainly violating national security regulations, which I think have the force of law", he said.

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