Turnbull abandons emissions target as he defends his leadership

Greg Lawrence
August 24, 2018

We know that disunity undermines the ability of any government to get its job done.

Polling and growing dissatisfaction with Turnbull's fractured centre-right government, led by his Liberal Party, suggest all Labor has to do before the next election, which could be as soon as next month or as late as May, is avoid shooting themselves in the foot.

Reportedly, the Dutton camp had not expected Turnbull to bring on a Tuesday vote. One lawmaker abstained and another was away on sick leave.

The backstabbing followed a period of political stability, with former Prime Minister John Howard enjoying almost 12 years in office, coming after a five-year stint for Labor's Paul Keating and eight years previously for Bob Hawke.

Since 2007, no Australian leader has succeeded in serving a full three-year term as prime minister.

While the Queensland MP failed to oust Mr Turnbull, he exceeded most expectations by managing to collect 35 votes - including cabinet ministers - without an active campaign.

Mr Turnbull's original energy policy, which was trying to deliver cheaper energy, more reliability and lower emissions, enjoyed broad support - even in his party room.

Prime minister (for now) Malcolm Turnbull.

"Scott Morrison will act as Home Affairs Minister".

"If we are fighting amongst ourselves, guess what, when the voters go to the election, they'll mark us down as they should", Mr Laundy said.

Before the ballot, Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg had warned government colleagues that they would lose popularity if they dumped Turnbull.

Mr. Frydenberg said voters were exhausted of governments repeatedly changing their prime ministers.

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The prime minister on Monday announced that he had abandoned his plan to legislate the emissions target; a move that was described by many as a desperate attempt to save his status as leader with pressure mounting.

Turnbull used a shorter run of Newspoll losses as part of his justification to depose Tony Abbott as prime minister in his own party coup in September 2015.

"I think that would be a good thing for the nation, because something has to change, this is chaos in the parliament at the moment", Mr Albanese told Sky News. He may yet have to do a deal with Abbott, who is known to be mistrusted by both the liberal and conservative wings of the party, but still commands considerable support among the backbenchers. They're the people we work for, 25 million Australians.

"Playing footy against a lot of children is pretty weird", one user said, while another added: "Peter likes football, long walks on the beach and torturing refugee children".

The report about Dutton followed his interview with Ray Hadley on 2GB on Thursday in which Hadley challenged him over whether he was "blindly loyal" to Turnbull. Australia has seen five different leaders since 2009.

Another said the Prime Minister's condition was "terminal".

He dodged giving a direct answer every time. "I have gone through what my job is now and that is to make sure that I can help the coalition win the next election", he said.

Like his predecessors, Turnbull won a general election - albeit by just a single seat - but electoral success appears to be no barrier to prospective rivals.

"You abide by the arithmetic in politics, and the numbers were against me".

Just yesterday Mr Turnbull said he had Mr Dutton's "absolute support".

"My job having lost the ballot today is to respect the view of the party room, which of course I do", he said. "I think he's a very matured, well-managed man and I think he could handle the position of PM very well", she said.

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