Apple to reveal next generation iPhone on September 12

Saul Franklin
September 1, 2018

Although rumors about these devices' details continue to swirl, buyers won't know what's true for sure until Apple's official keynote.

Apple's "fall event" takes place in late summer each year, so it remains a mystery why it's referred to as a "fall event".

The iPhone XS is rumored to be the name, and we'd be very surprised if it is something different. And if you say it the correct way - as in 10s - then it sounds like tennis.

It is also expected to be more affordable than the iPhone X replacements, using less premium components such as LCD displays instead of the more vibrant OLED, according to Bloomberg.

Second, there's that busy new watch face.

Read all the news about the new iPhone for 2018 here. The event, held on the same date as past year, will kick off at 10 a.m. PST.

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What appears to be Apple Watch Series 4 (used with permission from 9to5Mac).

A few hours after Apple's announcement, 9to5Mac, a technology news website, posted photographs of two gold iPhone models stacked on top of each other, with a larger-screened model on the bottom. Apple could reveal a new Apple Watch with a larger screen and possibly a better battery life. Rest of the features including the side button and Digital Crown, look similar to the current generation.

Here are all the Apple Watch Series 4 rumours.

While 2018 is not going to be a year of massive upgrades to the iPhone, Apple is focusing on making major enhancements to other parts of its product line. Will the illusive mat finally launch?

As August's heat beings to chill, Apple is intent on keeping the rest of summer ablaze with its next big iPhone event set for September 12.

The operating systems are now in beta, having been announced earlier in the year at WWDC 2018. As you can see in the image above, it includes the rainbow colored imagery you'd expect, and when you touch it or move the watch, those bands of color move in reaction. It is also expected to ship in the regular Space Gray and Silver options and be powered by Apple's next-gen A12 chip. It's likely that Apple has multiple new watch faces to go alongside the new smartwatch.

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