Google Is Shutting Down Its ‘Inbox By Gmail’ App

Saul Franklin
September 15, 2018

The search extensive said Wednesday that it would possibly maybe maybe maybe presumably perchance "stammer goodbye" to Inbox on the quit of March 2019.

Google is killing Inbox by Gmail.

Google will remove Gmail Offline from the Chrome Web Store on December 3, 2018.

Google has finally made a decision to kill its "Inbox by Gmail" application by March next year.

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If that indeed is the case, there might soon be another overhaul of Gmail so that the other desirable features of Inbox are added to the former. As Google wants to fold the service by the 2019 target date, Gmail customers may find more features from Inbox by Gmail being worked with right into their conventional Gmail application. Many push out features they've been developing in individual apps then, if they take off, the winning features are integrated into key apps and software in the company's portfolio; just look at how Cortana started out mostly as a standalone virtual assistant and is now native to a lot of Microsoft's software. It brought several notable features to improve the email experience. One Inbox feature that I use extensively - grouped emails - isn't yet in Gmail and there is no word as to when, or if, it will be coming to Gmail. Of course, people still love the UI of the app and its ease of use (including myself), but beyond March of next year, we'll no longer be able to enjoy that luxury. The app was mostly focused on improving the user's productivity and it has attracted many users within a short timeframe.

Google Inbox was launched in 2014 as an innovative new email app that lived alongside Gmail and served as an experimental platform for Google to try newer mailing features that could be incorporated in Gmail later. The company also left a transition guide to help users switch to the native Gmail app.

Google said that it is making the change so it can focus exclusively on Gmail.

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