Palm announced a cute, ultra compact smartphone

Saul Franklin
October 18, 2018

This is not the Palm of old - the new device shares none of that old engineering team that brought us, for example, the Palm Pre.

The Palm Phone is made to be your smartphone's sidekick, a companion.

The Palm Phone features a 3.3-inch custom-built LCD display that offers a high pixel density of 445 ppi and impressive brightness. It weights a super slim 2.2 ounces and will come in black with titanium or gold metal surrounds. The Palm, which is "about the size of a credit card", packs a 3.3in HD screen, Qualcomm Snapdragon 435 chip, 12MP and 8MP rear and front-facing cameras and an 800mAh battery, which Palm promises will last "all day".

As you know, brand Palm in 2014, has bought the Chinese TCL.

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Palm the brand behind PDA's (personal data assistants) that were all the rage in the 90s is back from the dead. Instead, the Palm phone is meant to be like a sidekick to your other, larger main phone. It's essentially an alternative to a dumb phone or a smartwatch that gives you more features while hopefully discouraging you from staring at a screen all the time.

That is also the idea of the phone: it is meant to use the smartphone only for the much needed and then continue with your life. Now, though, the Palm brand has been resurrected in the form of a new device that aims to make you use your smartphone less often.

The Palm Phone also comes with a feature called "Life Mode" that helps you eliminate distractions by silencing all incoming calls and notifications as soon as the screen is turned off. The smartphone will be available to purchase exclusively via Verizon Wireless in the USA starting from November. It has 32 GB of storage with an option to expand storage up to 128GB. The start-up behind the minute mobile bought the rights to use the Palm name from HTC previous year, reports the BBC. And let's say you want to spend $350 on the best Android phone money can buy. Because Palm is powered by the Snapdragon 435, it has an integrated Qualcomm Adreno 505 GPU, which is created to process realistic scenes and subjects captured by the cameras at low power. The other features available on the Palm Phone include 4G LTE, Bluetooth 4.2 LE, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n and Global Positioning System.

The cases for the phone have been designed by none other than Stephen Curry, which further goes to add to their appeal.

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