Let's Play Red Dead Redemption 2

Saul Franklin
October 26, 2018

According to the developer, the Red Dead Redemption 2 day one patch is going to bring some significant improvements to the game, so it's suggested that players wait for the update to install before launching the game. "It's the kind of thing that makes the world of "Red Dead 2" that much more believable and impressive".

By now, you may have already pored over our written Red Dead Redemption 2 verdict, but just in case you haven't and you're scared of letters and words, we've rustled up a video review for you too. Microsoft's latest console runs Red Dead Redemption 2 at a consistent 30 frames per second that only dips in the most densely populated scenes. Digital Foundry discovered that Red Dead actually runs slightly better on the Xbox One family of consoles - presumably due to a higher clock speed on the CPU.

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If you want to see and do absolutely everything, then you're going to be playing a lot longer. We also tested out the install on a standard PS4 as well and the download times ended up being a bit faster, although they roughly were the same. I made it for you.

As for MP1st's review, we'll be taking our time with the game and will put it up once it's good and ready. It's not helped by the games use of temporal anti-aliasing, either (a technique which uses data from previous frames to smooth the current one) and leaves the console looking rather blurry. Hopefully, once the game finishes downloading, you can spend a couple hours exploring the Wild West before bed.

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