Oxford researchers expose how apps share data with likes of Google, Facebook

Saul Franklin
October 27, 2018

While the first post on the main forum thread was made on September 1, other users stated that they made Google aware of the issue as early as June.

Several users are also complaining that the issue is worst as they have suffered huge mobile data bills despite having the app download the data through Wi-Fi only.

While Google try to reconfigure the app to avoid the issue, users can protect their data by turning off background data usage. This generated illegitimate advertising revenue for the apps as they contained adverts served through in-app ad networks, run by the likes of Google as well as other third-parties.

The new report highlights how the subscription-based apps work to often times trick a user into the subscription pricing model.

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Initially pointed out by The Verge, many Android users have reported that the news app from Google is using a massive amount of background data, without user's knowledge. Wang also mentioned that "the relevant teams are now investigating and working towards a fix" continuing by saying that they will be posting updates directly to that thread.

The problem is even more serious that the application exists of office on each mobile equipped with the Android operating system, that is, 80% of the market share in the world. Started after last app update mid Sept. Google keeping quiet but cost me £190+ in excess data charges with @o2 @BBCNews.

SHAREit, a one stop content delivery platform, has partnered with Google Play to make peer-to-peer app sharing more secure for all SHAREit users worldwide. Although there are plenty of Android One devices around, only those on Android 9.0 Pie can take Google Digital Wellbeing for a spin. However, this issue with the background data in Google News is quite serious and something that Google definitely needs to get fixed. Thanks so much for reporting this issue to us-we understand the importance of getting it resolved as soon as possible. A extreme case stated that the user had to cough up as much as $385 where he saw Google News absorbing nearly 25GB of data. However, given the service relies on background data to push through notifications about relevant news stories, this isn't particularly ideal.

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