Heavy AR, Team Terror

Saul Franklin
November 8, 2018

Players can select the team they want to represent and change their jersey numbers before every match.

Alongside a handful of minor tweaks, the game's latest update is headlined by the introduction of a new weapon, in the form of the Heavy Assault Rifle, and a brand-new limited-time game mode: Team Terror.

Starting on Friday, the NFL-themed Fortnite skins will be available for purchase in the Battle Royale Item Shop.

Team Terror is a new limited time mode, once again focused on fighting against cube monster AI enemies in battle royale. For example, someone might see a soldier walking around in a number 99 Vikings jersey, bringing opponents to the ground just like Danielle Hunter did during his three and a half sack game against the Lions last week.

Therefore, we believe that Epic Games is planning to introduce the new weapon alongside the upcoming weekly update.

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The Fortnite game is also adding a new event this week. Those monsters will drop weapons and ammo when they're killed, and if you happen upon a gold monster, you'll get a legendary weapon for dispatching it.

The skins are the result of a new collaboration between Fortnite and the National Football League, and I'm sure we will see plenty more joint ventures between the two parties in the near future. But this time, players found themselves back above a slightly modified Fortnite island, parachuting into another match.

"Fortnite's" Save the World campaign is getting some new additions as well, including two new heroes and the Candy Corn LMG.

The Blitz LTM also makes a return and offers a fast-paced version of the main Battle Royale mode. Finally, open a Supply Drop for double ammo and extra consumables, resource drops, and traps. The storm is already moving at the beginning of a map, meaning players are more tightly packed into a smaller drop zone.

With the publicity from Tyler Blevins - known widely as Ninja - as Fortnite's most popular player and Twitch's highest-subbed channel, the idea of mixing the two isn't breaking news. This world-changing, one-time event started on November 4.

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