Google's secret to a healthy phone? Remote-controlling your apps

Saul Franklin
November 9, 2018

But battery life is never enough, especially as the battery degrades over time.

Google Maps in night mode caused the display's power usage to fall by 63 percent compared with normal mode. In a presentation at the ongoing Android Dev Summit 2018, Google showed a few slides that explain how it arrived at the conclusion.

Like the LCD panels, the AMOLED displays do not use a backlight and a black screen does not require Red, Green or Blue pixels which intern saves battery life.

Even Google admitted that it was wrong to impose white as the predominant color for Material Design apps. We think so simply because it looks like you have to actively seek out the update, instead of having a pop up appear on your screen.

Note that changing to Dark Mode only converts the UI colour to black background. "We kind of shot ourselves in the foot slightly in terms of power", Banes said.

If you are using a phone with Android Pie software, here's how you can manually enable Dark Mode on your device. At 100% brightness, the battery consumes 60% less battery power using Dark Mode. YouTube already has a dark mode, and so does Messages.

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It turns out it's something as easy as switching to dark mode whenever possible.

As seen in the first example: Night Mode can be a big help to reduce power consumption on devices with OLED displays but isnt as likely to have such a positive effect with LCD displays since all the pixels on an LCD panel are lit from the same source, meanwhile, OLED panels pixels are self-illuminated.

Google is giving developers tools to push users into updating their apps.

The other option is what Google is calling a flexible update.

It's a great thing for Google to recognize this fact.

Dark mode is visually appealing to many folks, but it also helps prolong battery life if your device features an OLED display.

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