Gillum's campaign considers recount as margin between him and DeSantis decreases

Hannah Rogers
November 10, 2018

Only Wednesday, it appeared that Republicans had pulled off a sweep in the country's largest swing state, snaring the governor's mansion, all three Cabinet positions and Nelson's Senate seat.

Continetti noted that the last prominent recount that overturned the result on election night was in 2008, when Democrat Al Franken ultimately defeated Republican incumbent Sen. "I mean that's a lot of work", DeSantis said. In that recount, Continetti said, there was a shift of less than 1,000 votes.

"On Tuesday night, the Gillum for Governor campaign operated with the best information available about the number of outstanding ballots left to count".

Gillum's campaign said it has hired attorney Barry Richard, who represented President George W. Bush in the 2000 recount, and is monitoring the situation. Folks who lived through the 2000 election are going into dissociative fugue states.

The center of Democratic voting concerns are in Broward County, the second most populous county in Florida, where lawyers believe there is an issue with how voters were calculated for Nelson. He suggested something was awry because vote-counters were taking longer there than in other jurisdictions, and his thin lead has kept narrowing since Election Night. "No ragtag group of liberal activists or lawyers from D.C. will be allowed to steal this election from the voters of this great state". But Nelson is not conceding. Unfortunately, Florida residents hadn't actually voted yet, leading viewers to speculate about what exactly was going on at the network.

Here is what the Miami Herald could determine: The Herald called election supervisors in all 67 Florida counties Thursday afternoon and was told that at least 8,000 ballots - and possibly many more - remained to be counted across the state.

The ruling came as the Broward Canvassing Board met to review ballots that had been initially deemed ineligible. These are ballots where voters filled in too many blanks, or not enough names, or caused some other flaw, such as stray marks. They are seeking an emergency hearing as the votes must be certified by noon Saturday.

In the Agriculture Commissioners race, Caldwell's margin of victory now sits at 0.06 percent.

The official certification of the elections is to take place November 20, when the state's elections canvassing commission meets.

They could, however, be decisive in the agriculture-commissioner race, in which Democrat Nikki Fried held a slim lead of almost 3,000 votes over Republican Matt Caldwell.

Levin called out the counties' election commissions for counting late ballots and ballots filled out incorrectly - and doing so behind closed doors, though a judge ruled the process should be open.

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Now the vote margin is within striking distance of an automatic recount, and both parties are bracing for it.

For the 2014 general election, there were about 9,000 provisional ballots issued statewide, Smith said.

After the dust clears and results are certified, candidates have ten days to contest the election in court.

The Arizona Senate race is also up in the air.

Even more stark, however, is the average vote swing between the top two contenders following a recount - only 282 votes.

I'm looking forward to seeing every vote counted. "That seems to happen about half the time".

"Every Floridian should be concerned there may be rampant fraud happening in Broward and Palm Beach counties", he said. They had counted more than 695,700 ballots counted by early Thursday morning. That may be an indicator of machine problems, Elias said. "And all of the sudden they're finding votes out of nowhere". "That under-vote doesn't make sense". If the gap narrows within a quarter of a percentage point, canvassing board members would scrutinize under-votes and over-votes and try to discern voter intent.

Elias said he's concerned that a third of the votes in the Florida Senate race are still unknown.

Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson has pushed for a recount given that he trails Scott by such a slim margin. That could be because the question was listed under instructions on Broward's ballot, and some people might have missed it.

The accepted provisional ballots included two people who were removed from the voter rolls by the state and marked as deceased. "He even said I was resurrected!"

According to the Broward County Supervisor of Elections website, 695,799 ballots were cast.

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