Central American Migrants ARRIVE at US-Mexico Border in Tijuana — CARAVAN ARRIVES

Hannah Rogers
November 15, 2018

Larger groups are expected in the next few days, according to human rights groups.

Hundreds of Central American migrants making their way through Mexico towards the USA have reportedly reached Tijuana, which shares a border with San Diego, California.

Border officials have added razor wire to the top and bottom of the fence near Border Field State Park that divides San Diego from Tijuana, Mexico.

Several border agents were seen patrolling the area in trucks, 4-wheelers, a helicopter and on horses.

Calling Operation Faithful Patriot "absolutely legal", Mattis expressed hope that USA servicemen can fully secure the border within the next 10 days. "If they arrive at a Port of Entry, they will have to wait in line in keeping with the lawful processes at our ports of entry".

Some said they might cross illegally.

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis alongside the Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen, addresses troops at Base Camp Donna in Donna, Texas, Nov. 14, 2018.

The first arrivals generally received a warm welcome from Tijuana, despite the fact that its shelter system to house migrants is at capacity.

"A lot of people are angry", said Ruano, 46, who lives in the Playa de Tijuana neighborhood where the group of migrants are staying.

Currently, several thousand Central American migrants are heading for the U.S. in three separate caravans. "I am very grateful to Mexico, because we've received quite a bit of help".

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Four migrant caravans were making their way through Mexico to the U.S.

It's been 30 days since the caravan organized a mass migration to the U.S.from San Pedro Sula in Honduras.

A Mexican couple dropped off a tent that her daughter and three other children used to sleep in as an evening chill set in.

A group of several hundred migrants moving ahead of the caravan made it to Tijuana on Tuesday aboard a fleet of buses.

"It's going to be all against one, one against all. All against Trump, and Trump against all", he said.

Video 0:44 The caravan began its journey through Central America and Mexico in mid-October.

On Tuesday, a couple of dozen migrants scaled the steel border fence to celebrate their arrival, chanting "Yes, we could!" and one man dropped over to the USA side briefly as border agents watched from a distance. One man dropped over to the USA side briefly as border agents watched from a distance. It follows roughly 2,100 National Guard troops deployed to the U.S. -Mexico border region since April to support CBP agents under the umbrella of a separate operation.

Speaking to The Guardian, Morán and his girlfriend Victoria, 19, said they had left the Honduran capital Tegucigalpa to escape poverty and gang violence. Space in shelters operated by church and civic groups in Tijuana and Mexicali is limited in the state to 1,600 spaces, he said, and some already are filled to capacity.

About 80 migrants, the majority of whom identify as LGBT, splintered off from the larger group in Mexico City after weeks of what they say was discriminatory treatment by local residents and other travelers, Honduran migrant Cesar Mejia told reporters at a news conference on Sunday.

By early Wednesday, an additional 1,100 migrants from a third and last caravan also arrived at the stadium.

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