Trump wants Broward elections chief fired

Hannah Rogers
November 15, 2018

The lawsuit from Nelson and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee could determine how thousands of now disputed ballots are counted.

Daniel Nordby, a lawyer for the Republican governor, told a federal judge Wednesday that Scott will recuse himself from the state's canvassing commission. "Noncitizens can not vote in USA elections", Marc Elias, recount attorney for the Nelson campaign, said in a statement.

Senate candidate Rick Scott filed a lawsuit against Snipes, claiming that she had a lack of transparency regarding important election information.

Scott appoints the state's chief election official responsible for ordering recounts. Moreover, it is possible Detzner will have to extend the recount for Palm Beach County, because it is using voting technology approved by his office. Having to wait days or even weeks for election results isn't enjoyable for anyone - but if it's the only way to get valid results, it's absolutely the right thing to do.

In the state of Florida, Supervisors of Elections are required to send vote-by-mail ballots to US uniformed service members on active duty, Merchant Marine members, their spouses and dependents and USA citizens living overseas who request them no later than 45 days before each election.

Scott confirmed to Wallace that state law enforcement is looking into the matter. In a lawsuit on Friday, a judge also said she violated public records laws and ordered her to release to Gov. Rick Scott's Senate campaign vote tabulations.

When the federal government questions the integrity of elections and dismisses attempts to ensure that every vote is counted, it signals a disinterest in fair democracy.

President Donald Trump and Scott have accused elections supervisors in two Florida Democratic counties of fraud without offering evidence.

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Maria Matthews, an official with the secretary of state's office who was one of two witnesses to testify on Wednesday, told the court that the number of mismatched-signature ballots is slightly more than 3,700 from the 46 counties that had reported numbers to her. Florida's remaining 21 counties had not yet reported their numbers at the time court was in session.

Scott was in Washington, D.C., while the court battles rage on.

Scott's participation in the photo op - walking and talking like an elected US senator - is a show of force by McConnell and Republicans a day after Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and Nelson appeared together in Washington about 20 feet away from McConnell's office.

In another lawsuit, the League of Women Voters of Florida and Common Cause are asking Scott to recuse himself from the elections process.

Trump pointed to previous alleged election violations by Snipes, including destroying ballots and opening ballots illegally.

In South Florida, dozens of workers keep feeding ballots into counting machines at the Broward and Palm Beach County elections centers. The process resembled feeding documents into a photocopier - they placed stacks into feeders, which run through about two or three ballots per second. Scott held a slight lead in his campaign to become a senator against Sen. In the governor's contest, unofficial results showed DeSantis ahead of Gillum by 0.41 percentage points. The county is doing the Senate race first and will then do the governor.

The Florida Department of Elections has asked federal prosecutors to investigate the first possible violation of elections law reported this election - letters sent by the Florida Democratic Party to voters in four counties, including Broward, telling them they could fix issues with mail-in ballots by November 8 instead of the actual deadline, November 6. He demanded that the election night results - which showed the Republicans leading based upon incomplete ballot counts - be used to determine the victor. Lawyers for Democrats are including in the evidence testimony from former Florida U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy. Scott had a 57,000-vote lead on election night, but the margin of victory dwindled amid extended vote counting and allegations of fraud in Broward and Palm Beach counties.

"That's insane. It shows how broken our system is", Murphy said. That's more than any other county in Florida. It also highlights the role of voter suppression in Florida, as well as the state's closely divided nature.

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