'Night Sight' enhances the low-light capabilities of Google Pixel phones

Saul Franklin
November 18, 2018

The technology is created to improve the quality of low-light photos, though with one significant caveat: it can not handle moving objects. While that simply sounds a lot like the use of a longer exposure, that's not exactly the full story here as Night Sight is taking multiple frames and then merging them together to produce the single image end result.

As noted on our recent Pixel 3 smartphone review, one big thing brought by the latest generation of Google's handsets is computational photography, which now supports two modes to improve the picture quality of still pictures: Super Res Zoom, and Night Sight. Night Sight leverages on Google's AI knowhow and combines it with the Pixel's HDR+ processing algorithms to boost the colours and brightness of photos that were taken in the dark.

Is your Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL suffering from this buzzing issue?

Also, while I was up there, I made a decision to see if Night Sight could work in combination with Google's Super Res Zoom feature, and it seems it does. However, if you only want one phone, you can wait for the 3-day deal that begins November 22 to save $150 on the Pixel 3 and $200 on the larger Pixel 3 XL. That's why this video about Google Pixel's Night Sight completely caught my attention.

Google announced the news in a blog post detailing their revolutionary technology and it went ahead and compared the pictures taken on Pixel 3 with iPhone XS. And the difference couldn't be more apparent.

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The pre-Black Friday deal on the flagship Pixel 3, which launched a little over a fortnight ago in the United Kingdom, will set you back £48 a month.

Here are a handful of additional Night Sight comparisons. In the meantime, check out some Night Sight photos below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

Google is rolling out the update that includes Night Sight to Pixel phones right now.

Meanwhile, Google Pixel 2 is also an incredibly capable smartphone and still has a sublime rear shooter.

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