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Today’s question comes to us from @FijiNand:

"@RingRap Since guys like AJ Styles & Bobby Roode are not known to the casual fan what more can TNA do? #TNA"

Thanks for the question!

You’re right on the money that TNA has quite a few guys on their roster that I think both casual and hardcore fans would enjoy watching perform.  Roode and Styles have been solid performers for years and I would love seeing them get some more exposure.

One of the first things that I think TNA really has to do is, oddly enough, create a stronger sense of a brand identity.  TNA has always had their strong core fan base, but they have struggled to reach the more casual fan as a result of this.  I think when TNA truly was Total Nonstop Action (before the iMPACT Wrestling rebranding that they didn’t see the whole way through), they had a wider fan base.

Another thing I would like to think will help is their overall corporate marketing emphasis.   Ask those who follow WWE if they’ve seen TNA, and most will likely tell you they haven’t.  If they have, they will probably tell you that “oh, that’s where Hulk Hogan went, right?”  They’ve played to the “ex-WWE talent” card a lot and I think that has overshadowed the homegrown guys and gals that have stayed with the product over the last ten years. 

Don’t get me wrong – I enjoy Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy, but they can’t be the mainstays of the talent roster either.  TNA has to do a better job of promoting their homegrown stars.  Let guys like Hogan, Angle, and Hardy have their place, but sell fans on how good the homegrown talent is.  Book them strong and consistently with a lack of silly storylines.

If TNA shifted their marketing strategy to focus around guys like Styles and Roode and how good they are in the ring, I think you would find more casual fans interested in them.  It would in turn also draw more eyes on the product overall because people would see how good entire the roster is. 

 I hope this answers your question.  Feel free to send us your questions on Twitter (@RingRap) and yours might show up here on the site as well!