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This question comes from Mike T., from Connecticut.  He's a huge Ultimate Warrior fan, and has an idea how he could be used with today's current talent.

Now, I'll be honest, Mike is a personal friend of mine and this conversation took place over text messaging, so I clarified a few details here and there for him, and gave some feedback.  Here are the highlights:

"I think now since they are mending their relationship, and Warrior is very big on giving the young talent a chance, I think using his gimmick in a different way could work.  I was thinking he comes back, not as a wrestler, but as a leader/manager of the One Warrior Nation.  He would lead a group of young talent dressed as his Warriors.  

"So now you take the intensity he had during his day and multiply it into a team, kind of like The Four Horsemen or something of that nature."  

Mike kicks around a few ideas for bringing this group into play.  "Maybe a feud with 'The Legend Killer' Randy Orton, or maybe an appearance on Raw to promote WWE 2K14, and during this he gets attacked.  After the attack he forms a team of warriors.  It could just be a pipe dream, but it's something I always thought could work for him and to help get the younger talent in there."

Thanks for the question/idea, Mike!

I like the idea of bring in Warrior for another run, be it wrestling, or as a mentor/manager.  He's kept himself in fairly good shape, so the idea of him having a match here and there isn't unrealistic.  However, with Warrior, it's more about the spectacle and experience, and less about the work-rate.

The only way I could see something like this working is if Warrior's faction included a good mix of talent, and if they weren't trying to BE Warrior.  If we get someone like Dolph Ziggler suddenly wearing the face paint and snorting, it would come off as a parody and insult more than anything.

Looking at the current roster, there's a number of talented guys that are lacking direction right now, and a small faction - say three or four members - could work out.

Rumor has it Wade Barrett is being repackaged (again).  While I think Barrett is above this sort of thing, it could be a way to reintroduce him to fans again and give him something unique and different.  Barrett is capable of having great matches, and he can talk.

Mason Ryan, who is down in NXT, has the look for this sort of angle.  Not sure how good he is on the mic lately, but he could use a mouthpiece, and why not Warrior?  

I would suggest Ryback, but he's a "Paul Heyman Guy" right now.

Toss in a high-flyer like Sami Zayn, also from NXT, who has charisma and skill, or if we stick with the main roster, why not Justin Gabriel?  Or Tyson Kidd?  

I'll be completely honest, a faction of stars might be a little too much for this sort of thing.  I think Warrior has value and can be used to elevate talent.  But perhaps we should stick to just one person.  And, if they're gonna go with a guy, they have to go all the way.  It has to be someone they commit to 100%, otherwise Warrior's name value is just wasted.

Thanks for the question, Mike!

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