I don’t normally post up interviews done by the WWE, mainly because they are geared towards the more gullible fans who still think its real. However; they recently posted a nice interview with Batista and for the most part it was a honest. In it they discuss his return, the fans reaction, returning and more. Bellow are a bunch of highlights for you to enjoy:

WWE.COM: Can you talk to us about how your return came about? Who contacted who

BATISTA: Well, actually, I’d wanted to come back the day I left! [Laughs] I always planned on coming back, and I always tell people I wanted to come back much sooner. It was just that when I left, I wanted to accomplish certain things, and it just honestly took me a lot longer than I had hoped. But I’d always stayed in touch with a few of the boys, and I stayed in constant touch with [Triple H]. When Hunter started being very involved in NXT, it was right here in Orlando, so I just started coming out, talking to him and we talked about me coming back after I wrapped on “Guardians.”

WWE.COM: You came back with a lot of fanfare and a great reaction, but the fans, as we all know now, eventually turned against you. What were your thoughts on that sudden change in reception

BATISTA: It was weird. It wasn’t like a normal response. It was almost like a personal attack. It had to do with factors that were not in my control, factors and things that were going on in the company with other people, stuff that really had nothing to do with me. To me, it was a little frustrating, a little confusing, and, you know, I don’t want to say I completely took it personal, but I did somewhat.

What I heard over and over was, “Batista doesn’t deserve this,” and that’s what I took personally, because it’s like they forgot about my 10 years of pain and suffering and sacrifice. When I left the company, I gave plenty of notice, I left the right way, I did everything right. And also, my very last match, I broke my back. So I literally broke my back for the fans. And for me to come back and for them to say that I didn’t deserve the spot that I was being put in? For one thing, I didn’t ask for that spot. And here’s my thing with wrestling, and I tell this to everybody: If you get an opportunity, take the opportunity, and if you pass it up, you’re a fool. And if you hate on a guy just because he’s taking advantage of an opportunity that’s given to him, then you’re an idiot.

WWE.COM: So going back to your return for a moment, after you won the Royal Rumble Match, it was supposed to be you and Randy Orton at WrestleMania for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Eventually, Daniel Bryan was added to the mix. What were your thoughts on that development

BATISTA: Oh, I was super excited. I was super excited, because, you know, we needed that element. Even speaking from a fan’s standpoint, for me, it’s hard to get sucked into a [bad guy vs. bad guy] match. We needed a hero, man, and Daniel Bryan was the biggest hero in the company. I knew this was gonna be good. It’s so much better when the fans have an emotional investment. And they were so emotionally invested in Daniel Bryan, and they were so absorbed in their hatred for me that I knew it was gonna be good stuff.

WWE.COM: Some WWE fans did get pretty creative in finding ways to bash you. They got things like “Bootista” and “Bluetista” to trend on Twitter during your matches, and you actually heckled them back a bit.

BATISTA: I did, especially with the Bluetista thing, because, you know, we had six guys beating the crap out of each other … but people were focused on me wearing blue! I don’t get that, man. I just don’t get it!

WWE.COM: Do you think you’ll get back in the ring after you’re done promoting the movie

BATISTA: We’ve already been talking about that. We were talking about when I would come back before I even left. I don’t feel like my career is over. I felt better leaving this time than when I got in, because I came in with an injury and I left feeling healthy as can be. It’s hard for me to leave now because I feel like I was just hitting my stride. I think a lot of people forgot I was away from wrestling for four years, and it took me a couple months to really start getting in touch with the audience because it’s a completely different audience, man. It was really weird for me at first. I just started finding my stride, so it’s weird for me to leave, but I don’t feel like my career is even close to over, man. I got a lot of good matches, and hopefully it’ll work out.

WWE.COM: Any guys off the top of your head you want to compete against?

BATISTA: Absolutely. Right off the top of my head, Bray Wyatt. Love him. Of course, Roman Reigns. Ambrose, I love Dean Ambrose. I think they need to elevate him a little bit. I’d like to see him in more singles matches. Daniel Bryan. I’d like a long-term rivalry with Daniel Bryan. And, of course, Triple H. I’ve said for years and years, I want to go back to WrestleMania with Triple H. I’d like to be that my retirement match.

WWE.COM: And when you do come back, are the WWE fans going to cheer you or boo you

BATISTA: They might cheer me for a minute or so.[Laughs] They’ll boo me. I don’t know, I’m the guy they love to hate and I don’t mind playing that role. It’s a good thing. I have more fun in that role, it’s my comfort zone, I know how to be that guy. Sometimes it’s hard, sometimes I want to do stuff that I know would get them excited, I know would get them amped up, but I have to tone it down because I don’t want them to like me. And sometimes I think they lose sight of that. It’s like, “Oh, Batista, you got old, can’t do this anymore, can’t do that,” and it’s like, “Yes I can!” But I’m not gonna give it to you, because I know that you’ll cheer me. And I don’t want you to cheer me.