BJ Whitmer was on the Do Your Job Wrestling Hour recently, and had plenty to say.  Here are a few highlights:

On breaking into Ring Of Honor: "They had been maybe 2 shows in and I was working in Cincinnati for Les Thatcher and his Heartland Wrestling Association which at that time was a WWE developmental territory and Spanky (Brian Kendrick) happened to come in and he wasn't under contract But he came in to work some HWA shows and I had some matches with Spanky, and I had heard of Ring Of Honor being started and he was like look I'm gonna send a match that we had to Gabe and recommend you to him. It took a few months before I actually got booked...Came in in January of 2003 and had one of the best 4 corner survival matches they had had up to that point with me, Paul London, Homicide, and Colt Cabana and was pretty much offered a job backstage after the match was over"

On the biggest difference between ROH in the mid 2000s vs ROH now: "It has a little bit more of a corporate feel to it because they are corporate owned now where before it was just owned by Cary Silkin and it was a small shop kind of thing you know 4 or 5 people In the office where now you go and there are people from each station in each market which also helps out because people in those individual markets are not just in the office that Ring Of Honor has they are also are out selling sponsorships..."

On not making the jump to TNA or WWE: "This is probably my own fault or maybe my own stupidity but I never went out of my way to send stuff to them, I figured if they want me they will come find me which is probably the wrong approach to take instead of sending them a packet with a DVD of some matches and some 8x10s to kind of put me in front of their face instead of them coming to find me"

The entire interview can be heard here.