He's been called "The Dominator", "The Boss", and has held championship gold in WWE.

Last night, Bobby Lashley made his return to TNA at the Lockdown pay per view to mix it up with Ethan Carter III.  Carter issued an open challenge after Kurt Angle had to withdraw from their scheduled cage match due to injury.  In a post-event interview, Lashley indicated that he's back to stay on the TNA roster.  He acknowledged the storyline that he stepped into by saying that he "stirred up some trouble" by roughing up Carter.

Lashley seemed to also indicate that his goal is to chase the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.  He called his return "day one" and admits that we never know what may happen.

Lashley got a great reaction last night.  Part of the success was that TNA did not put a ton of hype behind his return.  Dixie Carter has been known to go out on Twitter and through other social media outlets and hype up returns that end up falling well short of the mark.  That did not happen here, and the fans in attendance in Miami as well as viewers at home were pleasantly surprised.

The approach with Lashley needs to be "less is more."  Lashley wasn't asked to sell any offense last night, nor was he asked to cut a promo.  His work in the ring was kept short as well.  His past indicates that he is not a strong mic worker, and his in-ring work is a bit limited.

In the iMPACT 365 interview, Lashley seemed to indicate that he spent some time in Japan after he disappeared from TNA television.  This can only bode well that his ring work has picked up.  Only time will tell if that is indeed the case.