It has come out via a report on TMZ that TNA’s “iMPACT Wrestling” broadcast will not be renewed on Spike TV.  This information is also being reported by several reputable pro-wrestling websites.

TMZ reports that sources with knowledge say that Spike TV executives reached out to TNA president Dixie Carter late last week to inform her of their decision.  Dixie, in turn, has reached out to those of her inner circle since.

As of right now, TNA has a deal with Spike TV that runs through October of this year.  Exactly how long the show will continue to air on Spike is not known.  There is no bad blood being reported between the two organizations.

It was said that the Spike decision to not renew the TNA deal was made now in order to give TNA opportunity to find a new television home.  TNA has several overseas TV deals, but this news will leave them without a primary US television home.

TNA debuted on Spike in October of 2005, and their weekly viewership has averaged around one million viewers regularly.  While never a serious ratings threat, TNA has become the second highest viewed wrestling promotion behind WWE as a result.

Obviously, more on this as it develops.