In what some are calling a bold move, TNA iMPACT Wrestling today announced in a New York press conference the location for their 2014 edition of the Bound for Glory pay per view.  Dixie Carter revealed that location as Tokyo, Japan and the date will be October 12.  Legendary Japanese star Great Muta, who is involved with the Wrestle-1 promotion in Japan, was also on hand for the announcement.

There are a number of logistical issues with a show being broadcast live from Tokyo.  The time difference ends adds up to what is 8PM EST here is 9AM the next day over there.  TNA will either be forced to broadcast on a long delay, or the event will be broadcast early Saturday morning here in the US.  With Bound for Glory being TNA's biggest show of the year, these don't seem like ideal circumstances.

More on this story as it develops.