Brock Lesnar.

This is the name that everyone fears.  The name everyone gasps at.  The last person you want to fight in an alley.

Yes, wrestling is a work.  Yeah, it's fake.  We all know that.

So why does every single punch, bodyslam and suplex look so damn real?

Brock Lesnar is one of the best at what he does today.  He knows his role as a bad ass destroyer.  He understands his job is to "hurt" people.  And he makes it look so real I sometimes forget that I'm watching a worked match.

We saw it on display last night, especially with CM Punk.  Lesnar's MMA sensibility mixed wonderfully with Punk's style, but when Lesnar started whipping out trios of suplexes, it reminded me just how good of a wrestler he was before he left WWE in the first place.

Now he's back, and even though he's been used sparingly, every time he comes out he makes an impact.  He kicks ass, he takes names, and he makes you want to see him lose.

Last night CM Punk and Brock Lesnar put on an epic battle of good versus evil.  And Punk nearly had him beat, if he didn't lose sight of the fact that Lesnar was the opponent, and not Paul Heyman.  Punk's attempt at revenge is what did him in.  Lesnar took advantage.  Evil triumphed.

So, when CM Punk gets his revenge weeks, maybe months later, you'll be dying to see it.

I don't know what WWE paid to bring Brock in on this deal, but it was worth every penny.  Noone carries themselves with as much confidence, ability, and sheer power and strength like Lesnar does.  

Brock Lesnar makes me wonder if he's in a real fight.  He makes it seem real.  

He makes me believe.