CHIKARA was in action this past weekend when they brought the fans their “The World is Not Enough” show. According to many reports the crowd left happy campers. Below is a look at how all the action went down:

CHIKARA The World is Not Enough
Revere, MA 

(Shane Matthews/Scott Parker) beat the Odditorium (Sir Oliver Grimsly/Qefka the Quiet) with the Sweet taste of professionalism

Ashley Remington def Archibald Peck via submission with an ankle lock cloverleaf

Sinn Bodhi/Dr. Cube/Max Smashmaster/Blaster McMassive/Flex Rumblecrunch def (Grand Champion)Icarus/Hallowicked/UltraMantis Black/Ophidian/Amasis when Smashmaster got the pin on Icarus after a cannon ball from the top rope

Shynron def Missile Assault Ant with a bottom rope 450

Los Campeonatos de Parejas title match
Dasher Hatfield/Mr. Touchdown [The Throwbacks] def Campeones Jigsaw/The Shard [The Pieces of Hate] to win the titles

Fall one Jigsaw scores the first fall with the Jig and Tonic on Dasher

Fall two Dasher scores the second fall with a clothesline assisted flip pile driver/Yoshi tonic on Jigsaw

Fall three Throwbacks win the final fall to win the titles

Eddie Kingston versus Jervis Cottonbelly went to a DQ after Kingston didn’t want to fight and members of the Flood came out and beat up Cottonbelly

Jimmy Jacobs over the intercom to try to encourage Kingston to come to him. To get her back. Kingston does as Jimmy asks. He destroys one of the Floods acolytes to become Jacobs acolyte. Anything to get her back.

Worker Ant def Arctic Rescue Ant with pumphandle slam

Loser waves the winners flag

The Baltic Seige vs. The Bloc Party

Lithuanian Snow Troll was eliminated via gore by the Proletariat Boar
Prakash Sabar eliminated
Proud Latvian Oak eliminated by the Proletariat Boar
Boar was eliminated after he speared his own partner and got rolled up
CHIKARA Special gets Thunderfrog the win via submission.

The Bloc Party must now wave the Flags of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

The Flood came out to destroy the Baltic Siege and Titan of Titor hit the choke breaker on the Estonian Thunderfrog. Frog was carried to the back similar to Kobald and Deviant.