While cruising the news the other day, I came across another one of the million articles on Chris Jericho and how he may retire. This time around though, I gave the rumors a little more thought because it was reported by the Sun. With that said, I still can’t help but think this is just Jericho fueling the flames of the rumor mills.

Chris Jericho was the main reason I got back into pro wrestling after watching him on Nitro in 1997. Over the span of his great career I had the pleasure of seeing countless 5 star matches. In ways he single-handedly changed the landscape of pro wrestling by being one of the first to use the internet as one of his tools to success. Chris Jericho has accomplished many great feats during his wrestling career, and I have no doubt he will go in the books as a wrestling legend.

With that said, I am sick and tired of watching Chris Jericho using wrestling as his punching bag. His act is getting stale and it may be time that he did just walk away from the business. Chris wants us to think that he is torn and conflicted, but the reality is that he is playing us all like a violin.

One week he loves wrestling. The next he is uncertain. I wish he would make up his freaking mind and do whatever it is he wants to do. He will not do this though. After all, he needs a scapegoat to fall back on if his crappy band Fozzy falls back into mediocrity. So, instead of just manning up and picking a direction he wants to travel, he will continue to tease his zombie fans along by playing up the dirt sheets.

Now before you go on to trash me, you should know that I am a die-hard Jerichoholic. I have followed his career and supported him as loyally as any other Jericho fan. But, today I am moving on. At some point we as wrestling fans have to put our loyalty aside and support the product, not the name.

Jericho strolls in and out of wrestling without any thought to the development of the roster around him. While he does help elevate talent, he also takes a spot away from another wrestler that could make a name for himself.

It would be different if he would commit to a one or two year contract, so WWE could build legit story lines around him. But instead we get a watered down Jericho who comes back for a couple months while his band is on a break.

I do not begrudge Jericho for trying to make a name for himself in other ways than pro wrestling. However, it is an issue when he pisses all over the business he says he loves. Right now pro wrestling needs stability, and Jericho coming and leaving like he changes his socks does not help wrestling. If anything all it does is show what little respect he has for this business these days.

It's almost like a man who strings along his girlfriend and his wife. At some point in time you have to choose, it just is not fair to one or the other. If Chris wants to make it as a rock star or in show biz that is fine, but pro wrestling is no ones mistress. If Chris can’t commit any more than it is time for him to leave.