In the minds of some wrestlers, the six sided ring is the right choice for TNA. When it came to the fan vote, the six sided ring was the preferred choice for TNA. But just like not everyone agrees with the fans’ choosing of Anthony Rizzo and Chris Sale to play in tonight’s MLB All Star Game, some are taking the opportunity to voice concern about the six sided ring.
   Christopher Daniels – referred to by some as “King of the Indies” and a TNA Wrestling veteran – was recently the subject of a podcast interview on The Steve Austin Show. According to The Wrestling Observer, Daniels stated two concerns he had with the six sided ring:
   1) During tag team matches, wrestlers often forget which corner is theirs. I would assume this leads to great confusion for the competitors.
   2) With a six sided ring, wrestlers often have a stand at a 130 degree angle instead of a 90 degree angle. From the way it sounds, this may have a tendency to lead to injury.
   Daniels - an aspiring actor before turning his attention to pro wrestling - has much experience through wrestling for various promotions around the world.